Description WeChef transforme votre site de restaurant en une plateforme de réservation performante et facile à gérer. Co-développée avec des restaurateurs, WeChef est faite pour répondre aux besoins des restaurateurs… Lees verder »

PlusMinus Button

Description Your business works with a WooCommerce shop and you want to expand your shop by a small feature, then the PlusMinus Button is just the right one. Your customers… Lees verder »

Hey John

Description This is just a quote plugin, it motivate us in a funny way. When activated you will randomly see a quote from Hey, John in the upper right of… Lees verder »

WODEN Events WordPress Plugin

Description The WODEN Events WordPress Plugin allows you to integrate your WordPress and WooCommerce installation with the WODEN Events service. Once you install and configure it, every time someone purchases… Lees verder »

Typed JS

Description This plugin allows you to use Typed JS in your wordpress installation. Just put your content between the [typedjs][/typedjs] tags. Use the + sign to use the backspace feature…. Lees verder »

PitchHub Embed

Description PitchHub Embed currently supports: * Short code “pitchhub” for embedding pitchhub URLs Technical specification… PHP7 compatible Getting Started Use the shortcode “pitchhub” with a string parameter named “url” which… Lees verder »

Arya Switch Theme

Description Allows users to choose and preview all WordPress themes installed without activation or deactivation for demonstration purposes. Usage https://example.com/?theme=slug-theme https://example.com/?theme=slug-theme&child=slug-child-theme Installation Unzip the arya-switch-theme.zip folder. Upload the entire arya-switch-theme… Lees verder »

Block Widget

Description Include a reusable block by use of widget. Screenshots Widget Installation Upload block-widget plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress Changelog… Lees verder »


Description For English, please see below. Czech: Tento plug-in Vám zajistí snadné použití statistické služby TOPlist.cz ve vašem blogu provozovaném na systému WordPress. Plug-in přidá nový widget (nazvaný TOPlist) a… Lees verder »