Maandelijks archief: oktober 2006

Comment Quicktags +

Description Inserts a quicktag toolbar on the blog comment form. js_quicktags is a slightly modified version of Alex King’s newer Quicktag.js plugin modified from original found here.


Description Adds a set of blog-this links: links to digg, and technorati by default. The images reside in wp-content/plugins/blogthis-icons/ and need to have the same name as the key… Lees verder »

Akismet Spam Count

Description Usage If you want to output just the number of spam messages Akismet has caught, add the following line of code to your template in the place you want… Lees verder »


Description Available for download exclusively from We are no longer providing updates or support here at Please see this blog post for details. Screenshots Sample TubePress gallery Sample… Lees verder »