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Description A WordPress plugin that protect a part of your blog posts (maybe links, images or texts), that only registered and logged in members can see it. Simply put your… Lees verder »


Description QuailPress allows you to intergrate with Facebook Share so that users can easily share your posts on their Facebook accounts. Screenshots Options configuration screen. Button displayed under a post,… Lees verder »

Blogs Mexico Ping

Description Blogs Mexico Ping, es un plugin para WordPress, diseado para enviar “pings” o notificaciones de actualizacion hacia la pagina ‘Blogs Mexico’, cada vez que se publique una nueva entrada… Lees verder »


Description The Skinner plugin adds skin selection and editing to WordPress for Skinner compatible themes. The Skinner plugin is based on the Theme Selector and Theme Editor that are built… Lees verder »


Description TikiWikiFormatting uses a subset of UseMod Wiki’s syntax to format posts more easily. It makes it easier to create lists and HTML links by hand. onePointOne onePointTwo two three… Lees verder »

Guestbook Generator

Description Instantly generates a guestbook for WordPress blogs based on the active theme. Once activated, click on Options Guestbook Generator to create the guestbook. Issues and Warnings The latest version… Lees verder »


Description Display feeds in your blog, using PHP, a Widget or Shortcode. The plugin uses only standard WordPress functionality, so no external libraries are required. For older versions of WordPress,… Lees verder »

Code Snippet

Description Code Snippet was created by Roman Roan and originally hosted at It is powered by the GeSHi engine and is quite possibly the best syntax highlighting engine for… Lees verder »

Quick SMS

Description This latest v3.x release is thanks to the hard work of Alex P. Gates bringing a character counter, textarea entry and Akismet spam checking to Quick SMS. Please thank… Lees verder »

Admin IP Watcher

Description Monitors when someone logs in with a new IP and emails you. Changelog 1.1 Re-add the missing readme 1.00 Initial release