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Notify on Draft Post

Description Alerts WordPress moderator of impending post for review. Allows poster (e.g. Contributor role) to decide when a draft is ready with a simple checkbox. No options Screenshots User notification… Lees verder »


Description post2pdf is a that convert a post to a pdf file using a pdf class based on fpdf library. Installation Upload to your plugins folder, usually wp-content/plugins/ Activate the… Lees verder »

Picasaweb inline gallery

Description Plugin PicasaWeb was created for native integration google?s web-galleries into blogs, boards and any other web pages. Plugin works this way: after initialization it looking for all links (by… Lees verder »

wakoopa widget

Description wakoopa is a social website centered around sharing what software you use. This widget displays the software you use in either image or plain text form. Use this widget… Lees verder »


Description A simple but effective Calendar plugin for WordPress that allows you to manage your events and appointments and display them to the world on your website. Features: Monthly view… Lees verder »

Disable WordPress Widgets

Description Widgets are now integrated into the core of WordPress starting at 2.2. Nothing fancy. This plugin simply disables WordPress Widgets. Installation Upload the disable-wordpress-widgets directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory…. Lees verder »

TD Word Count

Description With the TD Word Count plugin bloggers can sort through and view both total published and unpublished posts sortable by most words, least words, title alphabetically, date (oldest to… Lees verder »


Description This plugin allows you to manage a list of events. They can be displayed in the layout of your theme. You can show only past or future events, Installation… Lees verder »

Embargo Press Release

Description It?s customary practice to release entries to limited recipients for early review or to gain publicity on the entry early. This plugin is labelled alpha and is feature-limited at… Lees verder »

What is it?

Description Author Notify is a wordpress plugin to show a message box in all the posts by a particular author. I thought about writing this plugin because my wife moved… Lees verder »


Description is a Web 2.0 Bible site that can be instantly integrated into your WordPress blog with this plugin. After installing and configuring the plugin options you just continue… Lees verder »