Maandelijks archief: juni 2007

Plugin Name: Cyrillic Slugs

Description Copyright 2007 Licensed under the terms of the GPL version 2, see: Provided without warranty, inluding any implied warrant of merchantability or fitness for purpose.

Blogtimes with Icons

Description This plugin generates a iconic diagram showing when posts are made during a period of time. For this to work wp-images/blogtimes.png must be writable by the web server.


Description IMPORTANT! Version 0.2.1 fixes a severe bug that could lead to complete unusability of your wordpress plugins when installing a corrupt plugin package. UPGRADE IMMEDIATELY! PlugInstaller is a WordPress… Lees verder »

Slash Comments

Description This plugin is now obsolete on account of the functionality being included with WordPress. This plugin adds the slash:comments tag to RSS feeds, which tells feed readers such as… Lees verder »


Description addWeather plugin allows you to set up displays for cities of your choice. Contributors = Developer = * Eduardo Chiaro * alpinism Xml Parser minixml Language… Lees verder »


Description The TextImage plugin for WordPress displays your post text as a PNG image instead of sending it to the browser as normal HTML. You can specify the text color,… Lees verder »

Dashboard Lite

Description Removes incoming links, dev news and planet news off the dashboard. Installation Download Unzip (zip contains dashboard-lite.php) Upload to wp-content/plugins Activate within WordPress Admin Panel Changelog KEY * =… Lees verder »


Description OBS: All credits to this menu should go to: TransMenu March, 2003 Customizable multi-level animated DHTML menus with transparency. Copyright 2003-2004, Aaron Boodman ( All I did was to… Lees verder »