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Description Adds a sidebar widget to display Guido van Biemen’s (aka MrGuide@NL) Teamspeak Display Preview Release 3 (GPL) and uses [AjaxCore 1.2.2] to refresh it. It is deployed on my… Lees verder »


Description CyStats is a feature-rich statistics plugin integrated in the WordPress admin area. Features are currently: Bounce rate, ignore-by-cookie, ignore-by-ip/post-id/user_agent lists hits, visits for day/week/month/year – human or robots Top… Lees verder »

WP Admin Links

Description This plugin has been pulled from the directory as it is no longer maintained and incompatible with all but very old versions of WordPress.


Description This plugin takes delimiters and replaces them with links using the GoogleAPI. Example: [movie]She’s The Man[/movie]… Will replace it with: She’s the man. Arbitrary section Faq A question that… Lees verder »

AJAX Page Loader

Description Version 1.0 Tags: ajax, posts Requires at least: 2.0 Tested up to: 2.2.2 Stable tag: 1.0 AJAX Page Loader will load posts, pages, etc. without reloading entire page. This… Lees verder »


Description EasyActivate automatically activates active elements in Internet Explorer. Installation Upload to your WordPress plugins directory Login to wp-admin and activate the plugin The Javascript will automatically be inserted into… Lees verder »

Twitter for WordPress

Description Twitter for WordPress displays yours latest tweets in your WordPress blog. Features * Simply * Customizable * Widget support * No options page (yes, its a feature) * Uses… Lees verder »

New Tag Cloud

Description New Tag Cloud is a little WordPress plugin wich generates a tag cloud. New Tag Cloud uses the WordPress own tagging feature, so that you don’t need any tagging… Lees verder »


Description Insert your personal Shirtinator Creator wrapped into WordPress without any popup or iframe. How it works: Please visit the official website for further details and the latest information on… Lees verder »

Tidy Up

Description This plugin provides the ability to run HTML Tidy through all your posts, pages, and comments, generating a report on just how dirty your code is. Should you want… Lees verder »

Upload Unzipper

Description Upload Unziper let’s you upload zip-archives and have them extracted, each file properly attached to the current post. It’s built upon and meant to replace James Revillini’s now-broken just-unzip,… Lees verder »

Semisecure Login

Description Semisecure Login increases the security of the login process using client-side MD5 encryption on the password when a user logs in. JavaScript is required to enable encryption. It is… Lees verder »


Description There’s a new version of aVideo called [Smart Video]( Link to Smart Video), which is better for you to share videos. It’s recommended to update to [Smart Video]( Link… Lees verder »


Description Sniplets is a generic text insertion plugin with support for an extensible processing framework. At it’s simplest this means you can dynamically replace text in your posts with text… Lees verder »


Description This is the long description. No limit, and you can use Markdown (as well as in the following sections). Picasaweb is a plugin could post the photo in your… Lees verder »

Tiny Link

Description Get an alternate TinyURL link for your article or post permalink. Arbitrary section NA A brief Markdown Example NA Faq NA Installation Download “Tiny Link” plugin and upload it… Lees verder »


Description This plugin supports Textile syntax for posts. It’s just a thin wrapper of Textile 2.0.0. The Textile syntax works only in between ‘{{{‘ and ‘}}}.’ A single post can… Lees verder »

Thumbnails Manager

Description Thumbnails Manager helps you to manage your thumbnails within the administrator panel. You can define a default ratio for thumbnail creation, rename, change the description or even delete your… Lees verder »


Description Adjusts your links in RSS to use absolute links so that they work correctly in all feed readers (and validate). GPL Licensed. Installation Upload ‘absoluteRSS.php’ to ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory in… Lees verder »