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WP Search Tags

Description This wordpress plugin ensures tags associated with a post are searched when users perform search using the out-of-box wordpress search feature. This plugin works with the new WordPress 2.3… Lees verder »

Change Font/-size

Description Change the size and style of fonts via Link. No longer maintained This plugin is no longer maintained. It is actively tested up to version 2.1.3. Please visit the… Lees verder »

Add To Facebook

Description This plugin adds a footer link to add the current post or page to a Facebook Mini-Feed. While the plugin is activated a link will appear after the content… Lees verder »

TTF Titles

Description This plugin provides two new template tags to replace plain text with styled text images using TrueType fonts. This is primarily a reworking of the Image Headlines plugin. Of… Lees verder »

Random Blog Article

Description The random blog article was written to display links to some of my favourite blogs on the homepage of my site. I decided the blogroll took up too much… Lees verder »

Без шльокавица

Description Без шльокавица ви пази по от нежеланиете коментари, като се възползва от факта, че повечето спам не е на кирилица. Поради зачестилия руски спам, Без шльокавица взима мерки. Не… Lees verder »

Simple Tags

Description Extended Tagging for WordPress : Terms suggestion, Mass Edit Terms, Auto link Terms, Ajax Autocompletion, Click Terms, Advanced manage terms, etc. Github project homepage: This is THE perfect… Lees verder »

WP 2.3 statistics

Description WordPress 2.3 statistics Plugin will add the statistics into your blog, such as total posts, pages, tags. This plugin support WordPress Widgets and Sidebar Modules. You can put the… Lees verder »

Custom Tag List

Description This plugin introduces a new template-tag called ctl_the_tags(). It’s default default behaviour is identical to the_tags(). Anyhow, it allows the user to disable linking tags completely or use a… Lees verder »

aQuotic Random Quote

Description This plugin will display random quote from database. So you don’t have to enter quote manually.

Berri Youtube Gallery

Description Berri YouTube Gallery gives you possibility to show a YouTube video gallery with customized appearance on your sidebar and all you need is to write the video URLs in… Lees verder »

Archives by Category

Description This will create a list of all your posts. They will be ordered alphabetically by category. Category names will be anchor links so you can easily link to them…. Lees verder »