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Description Screenshot is a plugin that will neatly take a screenshot of your blog entries and automatically show the screenshot on the home and search pages of your blog. It… Lees verder »

Plugin Updater

Description Project home is Update your your out of date WordPress plugins by using the new added “Update Now” option. Screenshots Added “Update Now” button in the plugins page…. Lees verder »

Post Links

Description This plugin adds a box on the Write/Edit page where links associated with the post can be entered. There is not limit to how many links can be added… Lees verder »


Description Based on Oliver’s WordPress Video-Plugin, it allows to include Videos from Youtube, Vimeo and Google in a very simple way and keeps your RSS-Feed valid. Version: 1.0.5 Author: Sixtus… Lees verder »

Simple Post

Description Simple Post gives the ability to create a simplified write Post screen. Options are used to set the default category, ping status, and comment status. The post title can… Lees verder »


Description MediaRSS is a way of embedding media into your feeds. The specification at provides for many kinds of media: audio, video, etc. This plugin is equipped to locate… Lees verder »

Add Lightbox

Description This plugin for WordPress automatically add the rel=”lightbox[ID-OF-THE-POST]” to images linked in a post ID-OF-THE-POST is unique per post so all images per post are grouped in one lightbox… Lees verder »

Set Email From Address

Description This plugin allows you to set the “From” address used in emails sent by WordPress, thus overriding the default of The resulting “From” in emails sent by WordPress… Lees verder »

Version: 1.0

Description This plugin adds a remote vote button for the social search engine sproose to the bottom of each post. This plugin is based on the obsocialbookmark plugin ( created… Lees verder »

Description The Picturegrid wordpress plugin allows you to import your Flickr images into your sidebar, or onto any page. In fact you only need to call the function ?php picturegrid();… Lees verder »

RSS Footer

Description PLEASE NOTE This plugin no longer works and has been replaced by Yoast SEO. For historical reasons only: More info: RSS Footer plugin. Read more about WordPress SEO so… Lees verder »

Post Links Redux

Description The standard WordPress template tags used for post navigation (next_post, previous_post, next_post_link, and previous_post_link) don’t offer this functionality, leaving you with nothing returned if there isn’t a post. This… Lees verder »