Maandelijks archief: februari 2008

Simply RSS Fetcher

Description Simple plugin to fetch a desired RSS and put it wherever you want in your blog. Features Simply Customizable Widget support No options page (yes, its a feature) Uses… Lees verder »


Description This plugin is intended to provide on-demand syntax highlighting for programming code. It supports many programming languages. Code blocks are automatically detected within the HTML of your posts through… Lees verder »


Description Play MP3s on WordPress with the stylish and fully-customizable E-Phonic Flash MP3 Player. Manage custom settings, add your playlist and sample a live preview directly within the Wordphonic admin… Lees verder »


Description Unpack file place quran.php on your wp-content/plugins directory Activate plugins on Plugin management Add Random Quran widget on your sidebar (Presentation Widgets)


Description The Randomizer is a self contained plugin that allows a WordPress administrator to display a list of random posts in the footer of every page or post. This presents… Lees verder »


Description In post or page where you want to insert a table of plugins you just put [my plugins] . Installation You must download and unzip the content to… Lees verder »

EHT Photos

Description This plugin generates automatically photo galleries with thumbnails and easy recursive navigation links, the photos can be viewed in several sizes, with an easy configuration panel.

Buddy Love

Description Changelog Buddy Love WordPress Widget allows you to display a configurable number of the latest headlines from sites in your WordPress blogroll. If you have specified a picture in… Lees verder »

Better Blogroll

Description Changelog The Better Blogroll widget for WordPress allows you to display a configurable number of random links from your WordPress blogroll. This should help to combat link blindness while… Lees verder »

Baby Age

Description This plugin can show your baby’s age in wp page, just like: Dear baby is 6 months and 1 days old. Your can find it here: And you… Lees verder »

Black Style Administration

Description Black Style Administration is based upon Barunio Style Administration with a couple of additions and corrections for the latest WordPress release (currently 2.3.2). As such, many of the images… Lees verder »

Generic Stats

Description The “Generic Stats” plugin is a place for you to put all statistics tracking code that the various stats packages provide in one place. The benefit is that when… Lees verder »

Admin Favicon

Description Admin Favicon is a very simple plugin. It creates a link to a shortcut icon, or favicon, into the header of the WordPress administrative console. What does this mean?… Lees verder »

MiniBB News

Description This plugin makes a widget to your sidebar and shows the latest discussions from your miniBB forums. You can configure the number of the latest discussions, the maximum number… Lees verder »

Blog Control

Description Blog Control helps to avoid the common operations blog’s owners do when adopting a new template: add scripts from mybloglog, google analytics, adsense or other ad network. The plugin… Lees verder »


Description Basically, it makes adding dynamic tabs and menus to your WordPress blog/theme easy. dTabs provides a new template tag dtab_list_tabs which outputs a user controled dynamically tabbed navigation system… Lees verder »