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bShare 分享

Description 数以万计的分享,源自一个简单的按钮, bShare 分享 是一个强大的网页分享插件工具,您的读者可以将您网站上精采的内容快速分享、转贴到社群网络上。 Installation 上传bshare文件夹(包括一个.php文件及一个.txt文件)到’/wp-content/plugins/’目录下,然后在WordPress后台插件菜单下激活。 该插件自动在在日志和静态页面正文后添加 bShare 按钮,如果你想在其他页面添加按钮,你可以使用Widget来添加。 如果你想要对bShare按钮和插件进行自定义或者查看数据,请到注册并获取你的嵌入JavaScript代码,然后在Wordpress后台的setting-bShare分享中将你的代码填入文本框中并提交。


Description Produces output very similar to delicious’s linkrolls script, but in a way that isn’t guaranteed to mess with most themes. Allows you to customize: The number of links to… Lees verder »

Comment Log

Description Comment Log (or clog) is a plugin that allows you to store a copy of a comment you make on another site. This is done through implementing the RESTTA-based… Lees verder »

Reddit Widget

Description Requirements WordPress 2.2 or 2.0.x/2.1.x with WordPress Widgets PHP 4.3.0 or greater (needed for function file_get_contents) Features Displays your latest liked items (on Completely customizable display Caching for… Lees verder »

dzone Widget

Description This plugin will allow users to add a DZone vote widget to specific posts in their Blog. Easy to setup and configure, and new to this version is the… Lees verder »

Comment Inbox

Description Comment management in WordPress isn’t too hard when you manually approve each comment. You know which comments you’ve seen, and which you haven’t. The only downside is that you… Lees verder »


Description The plugin allows to send your current status to Pownce from the admin panel. Please note that the plugin needs PHP_CURL to work. Arbitrary section Installation Upload mypownce.php and… Lees verder »


Description With this plugin you can include your DokuWiki installation in a WordPress static page. Configure the location of your DokuWiki installation under options. To include your DokuWiki installation create… Lees verder »

Worst Offenders

Description NOTE: Worst Offenders for WordPress 2.5 is currently a pre-alpha release for developer feedback only. If you use any anti-spam tool you will no doubt be delighted that spam… Lees verder »


Description Add a sidebar widget to display Pownce notes. Arbitrary section Installation Upload pownceget.php to the /wp-content/plugins/widget directory Add the widget Pownce to your sidebar


Description Before trying out this plugin, please take a looking at DEMO: This plugin uses PicasaWeb API to retrieval your albums information, cache them (but the photos themselves aren’t… Lees verder »

Admin Notes

Description Admin Notes is a small plugin that allows you to create and manage a very simple notes system for maintaining a to-do list etc. Useage Once activated Admin Notes… Lees verder »


Description IMPORTANT: Vimeo has changed its API. Versions of this plugin earlier than 2.0 are dependent on the old API and will cease to function in September 2009. You must… Lees verder »


Description Allows to define shortcodes for easy replacement. Handy for recurrent copy/paste’s from sites like YouTube or DailyMotion… But not only. You decide! Also allows you not to write un-valid… Lees verder »


Description Azlite is a small (but perfectly formed) WordPress plugin that allows you to add an Amazon RSS feed, tagged with your affiliate code to your blog. Useage Enter the… Lees verder »

ASPX WebRequest Rewriter

Description Fed up with IIS not providing permalinks? Don’t have access to the IIS control panel on your host? Then wp-aspxrewriter is for you! Allowing URLS such as: this… Lees verder »

Top First Commentors

Description The plugin will show the top first commentors (the numner is number is set by user) of your blog. Installation Upload the file top-first-commentors.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate… Lees verder »

EHT Visits

Description This plugin stores all the visits (hits, browser, bot, OS, date, IP, …), it makes statistics of your web page, and it shows a paginable table view with all… Lees verder »

EHT Graphviz

Description This plugin generates images form Graphviz language source code inserted into your pages/posts.


Description Automagically link Twitterish “@name:” replies in comments. Note: It hasn’t been tested on versions earlier than 2.1, but may very well work. Installation WordPress: Unpack the plugin into /wp-content/plugins/…. Lees verder »


Description See this pluing at work: NEW Provides the photo BBcode ready tu use in a from. Features if available image’s Exif data, displays it. Generate thumbnails for RSS…. Lees verder »