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Twitter Blaster

Description Once installed your users can update your Twitter. Twitter Blaster will post the users submission as a pending post. Thrn you can approve them as a twitter update and/or… Lees verder »


Description Adds WP functions, copyright, and more to your RSS feed items. Screenshots This is what the options page looks like. Faq What does this plugin do, exactly? It incorporates… Lees verder »

Comment Saver

Description Comment Saver temporarily stores the content of comments in a browser cookie just in case something goes wrong while submitting the comment. For example, if the user forgot to… Lees verder »


Description Implements BBCode in posts. Examples: Bold: [b]bold[/b] Italics: [i]italics[/i] Underline: [u]underline[/u] URL: [url][/url] [url=””]WordPress[/url] Image: [img][/img] Quote: [quote]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh… Lees verder »

prMac WordPress Import

Description Imports prMac releases into your WordPress blog. Releases can be imported as live posts or as drafts, depending on your settings. The plugin can be set to automatically import… Lees verder »


Description Creates a menu structure as a widget, where all posts are placed inside the corresponding category.


Description This plugin allows page authors to easily demonstrate shortcodes in their posts and pages by wrapping them inside a shortcode that does—well, nothing. It’s a NOOP. Usage Just wrap… Lees verder »

RSS Pages

Description One problem with WordPress is that the RSS feed only contains the latests posts and not pages. The idea I suppose is to have a feed which the blogosphere… Lees verder »


Description Insert easily your Google Analytics, Woopra, Reinvigorate, Sitemeter or Clicky tracking codes Enable name tagging for Woopra or Reinvigorate Ban your own IP adress from tracking Ban logged administrators… Lees verder »

Cache Time

Description Cache Time displays the time that the current page was cached, and prints it via the cache_time(); function. It takes into account the different time zones of the WordPress… Lees verder »

Gallery Navigation Plugin

Description Gallery Navigation Plugin is a simple WordPress 2.5 plugin that allows you to quickly add page navigation to your wordpress 2.5 gallery. Screenshots Installation Upload galnav.php to the /wp-content/plugins/… Lees verder »

WP Pages Only

Description This plugin simply changes the default “Write” and “Manage” links in admin to go to pages instead of posts. This is useful if you’re using WordPress primarily as a… Lees verder »

Unfiltered MU

Description Unfiltered MU gives Administrators and Editors the unfiltered_html capability. This prevents WordPress MU/WordPress 3.0 multisite from stripping iframe, embed, etc. from these users’ posts. Authors and Contributors do not… Lees verder »

Upnews Plugin

Description Pulsante per i blogger che vogliono proporre su o far votare i propri contenuti direttamente dal loro Blog. Verranno visualizzati il numero di voti ed il pulsante per… Lees verder »

Search Engine Related Posts

Description When someone is referred from a search engine like Google, the plugin show your blog content matched the terms they search for. Arbitrary section Installation Put div style=”display:none” id=”search_content”/div… Lees verder »

Post Is Clear

Description Adds br clear=”all”/ to the end of posts, to ensure images and objects don’t wrap into successive posts.

PHP.Text Widget

Description Simple SideBar PHP enabled Widget. Specify and execute arbitrary PHP code as your sidebar block. Installation Upload wp-phptext.php to the /wp-content/plugins/wp-phptext/wp-phptext.php directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu… Lees verder »

GZIP Output

Description Allow GZIPped output for your WordPress blog. Restores functionality removed in WordPress 2.5. Installation Upload filosofo-gzip-compression.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress