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Description Create sidebars through an admin interface and apply widgets. Using conditions, apply the sidebars to certain pages / posts depending on what you select. Versions Version 1.0 – Initial… Lees verder »

Top Friends

Description Top Friends is a WordPress blogroll enhancement plugin. The plugin will fetch your friends’ feeds, and then display the feed’s name and status icon base on last update time… Lees verder »

AWStats Script

Description AWStats is a free log file analysis tool for web servers. It consists of a collection of Perl scripts that analyse Apache-style access logs and produce graphical web pages… Lees verder »


Description This plugin tries to enable previous feature present in DashBar in the new WordPress Admin Bar. No more options, only contextual links missing in the admin bar: Choose from… Lees verder »

Clicky Statistics

Description This plug-in retrieves Clicky statistics of your website via Clicky API 2.0 with cache supported. You may define: Types of statistics to be displayed Statistics date range The maximum… Lees verder »

Big Big Menu

Description Big Big Menu provides a simple Admin interface for creating and re-ordering the main navigation menu on your blog. The menu can include any Pages, Categories, Author Pages, and… Lees verder »

Time spent on blog

Description This neat little widget shows the total time spent on your blog by all your users, with a precision of two seconds and the exception of people with Javascript… Lees verder »


Description A plugin for WordPress, which can be used to show your code. A Example runcode script window.alert(“Hello world!”); /script pYou can change the code before run./p /runcode Faq Null…. Lees verder »

Tweet You

Description Putting twitter on your website with tweet!, an unobtrusive javascript plugin for jquery. The original code is from and it uses the power of jQuery to twitter to… Lees verder »


Description Quickorder provides the ability to rapidly reorder pages, as of now reordering pages is very tedious, but the Quickorder plugin grants you the ability to change all of your… Lees verder »

Editor Extender

Description Extends the features of the rich text editor for WordPress by adding most of the features you see at Please submit any bugs or suggested improvements to… Lees verder »


Description Part of the RePublish set of tools for WordPress MU. Allows blog owner to easily republish content from others blogs in the community through a nice interface inspired by… Lees verder »

No Place Like Home

Description Displays small icons next to the home page and posts page in the Edit Pages list. Screenshots The All Pages screen, with the home icon next to the home… Lees verder »