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Description Now you can create events for your wordpress. Whit this plugin you can create and manipulate events like you do on Google Calendar. Generate events on the fly creating… Lees verder »

Author Listing

Description A plugin providing template tags to list all active (or inactive) authors in the WordPress installation. ?php list_active_authors( ‘days=30include_protected_posts=0’ ); ? Will list all the authors active in the… Lees verder »


Description This is a simple plugin that displays a wacky quote from George W. Bush. To use, copy the file into your wordpress plugins directory (wp-content\plugins\bushism.php). Add the text “[bushism]”… Lees verder »

Tweet Tweet

Description has become a huge success by making it easy for people to converse in short 140 character messages. One thing that always bothered me was that my tweets… Lees verder »

Small caps

Description Encloses capitalized words with three or characters more within abbr /abbr tags, so that abbr tags could be styled to display small capsfor typographical effect. Faq Installation Instructions Upload… Lees verder »


Description RSSless is a WordPress plugin which allows you to hide specific content in your posts from RSS readers. This is helpful for bloggers who embed videos, images, or other… Lees verder »


Description This Plugin allows you to add some nice effects in your posts. Usage a href=”#myslidingcontent” class=”slider”Toggle My Content/a p id=”myslidingcontent”Here is my cool Content/p Faq It doesn’t Work! This… Lees verder »


Description This plugin calculates the average time a normal user will take to read an article. It’s very useful in those cases the article is not being displayed at the… Lees verder »


Description This plugin lets you set an expiration date for posts. After that date, the posts will be deleted. This is done in a new subsection of the Advanced Options… Lees verder »


Description ComplexLife is a fork from Kieran’s SimpleLife which has been on hiatus/slow development for a while. Simply, it shows your activity for any service that gives a date sorted… Lees verder »

Nautic Pages

Description This plugin is out of date. See the new version of the plugin: Whale-Kit OR Whale-Kit site Easy installing, setting and friendly editor allows to administer web-site to ordinary… Lees verder »