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Simple Shortcodes

Description Simple Shortcodes provides an easy to use mechanism for creating and using custom shortcodes. After installing and activating SimpleShortcodes, a Simple Shortcodes configuration item is added to your Settings… Lees verder »

Clik stats

Description clikStats is a plugin that automatically detects the current links within each post. ClikStats is retrofitable, and requires no special provision from any classes or code. Once activated, clikStats… Lees verder »


Description This plugin alternates your WP installation between two themes based on the time of day. The themes and start times for each are customizable through an administration interface. Demos… Lees verder »

AJAX Page Loader 1.5

Description Original: AJAX Page Loader will load posts, pages, etc. without reloading entire page. This was my first plugin and is still a little quirky. There is problems working on… Lees verder »

Wiki Page Links

Description [[Wiki Page Links]] is a WordPress plug-in that allows you to add Wikipedia-style hyperlinks to your posts and pages and automatically have them link to your WordPress pages. For… Lees verder »

(a) QR Code Google

Description QR Code for your blog (based on Google Charts API) Faq What is QR code Read How I can check QR code You can use online service… Lees verder »

(a) QR Code

Description QR Code for your blog Changes in QR Code library remove perl directory changes in php/qr_img.php file: set path in setting area rem options from $_GET rem image… Lees verder »


Description This is currently only in development. I do not suggest downloading at this point. Demos To Do Installation Upload the ticketx directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin… Lees verder »


Description Adds the post box from the Prologue theme (modified to include a Title field and Category dropbox) to any theme. This plugin reuses much code from the Prologue theme… Lees verder »


Description Click the easy2hide button in HTML editor, and put your contents needed to hide between!–easy2hide start{reply_to_this=true}– and !–easy2hide end–. If you just want to hide some contents from visitors… Lees verder »

The Excerpt re-reloaded

Description This plugin does something more than the built-in excerpt function. It lets you choose excerpt length, allowed html tags, the link text to full post, the html container of… Lees verder »

widget lea

Description this widget will display the title of your Forthcoming posts. You can choose the number of posts. Installation You install the plugin widget appearance add it to your sidebar


Description This plugin is just as simple as it sounds. If you already use the fabulous plugin NextGEN Gallery than the titleimage plugin gives you the ability to display the… Lees verder »


Description The ranking of your posts. Visit Plugin Page for usage information and project news. Screenshots Admin page Installation Upload postrank to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Activate the plugin through the… Lees verder »

LastFM Plugin

Description If you have an LastFM Account, you can insert playlists and tagclouds in your posts very easy. No flash or silvlight. Simply insert [lfm.getTopArtists username] in your post. Available… Lees verder »

Get your plurk

Description Cache the plurk to a static page, you don’t need to read fetch feed every time. Display each plurk’s link and post time (or not). Widget support. Externel CSS… Lees verder »

WP Adminstrip

Description Adds a strip to the bottom of the screen for logged in admin users to allow quick access to popular parts on the Administration area in WordPress. Dashboard Logout… Lees verder »


Description Ez a plugin arra való, hogy minnél teljesebben ki tudd majd használni az Azigen! oldal lehetőségeit a blogodból. Kezdetben ez most csak két admin dashboard widget lesz, az egyik… Lees verder »

Post ToDo

Description Create multiple todo lists, one for each post or page if you want. See for more details. Installation Download post-todo and place in wp-content/plugins/post-todo It must be in… Lees verder »


Description Automaticamente aggiunge i pulsanti e i form di neednote ai posts. Installation Installazione Scarica il file ed estrai la cartella neednote. Fai l’upload dell’intera cartella neednote (non solo… Lees verder »

Pirkei Avos

Description The plugin quotes at random from Pirkei Avos. For internet heteirim and other accoutrements, please consult your local orthodox rabbi. P.S. Email for shabbes accommodations in Jerusalem. Faq Do… Lees verder »

Turulmeme shares

Description A plugin segítségével a bejegyzéseink alatt megjeleníthetjük, hogy kik osztották meg a bejegyzést a Turulmemén és milyen hozzászólásokat írtak hozzá. Az admin oldalon együtt tudjuk látni, hogy melyik bejegyzésünkhöz… Lees verder »


Description Reflection is a WordPress plugin which applies reflection effect to images with ‘reflection’ as one of the HTML attribute class values. This plugin uses Raphael JavaScript library to create… Lees verder »

Snow Storm

Description Adds Javascript snow effect to your blog, thanks to Scott Schiller. This is the same effect available on blogs. Installation This plugin follows the standard WordPress installation method:… Lees verder »


Description Refgenerator is used to insert at the end of any post the list of all external links used in your post. The links are sorted in order of appearance…. Lees verder »


Description Spam-paladin helps you to remove smap comment from your blog. It simple deletes comment marked as SPAM from your comment database table. Just log in and all spam comments… Lees verder »