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Catfish Manager

Description The Catfish Manager allows you to setup and manage Catfish ads easily within WordPress. It was created by Matt Oakes with the aid of Nathan Allan. It allows for… Lees verder »

WordPress till BLoggy

Description Post message to through the WordPress Dashboard. This is a Swedish plugin for WordPress till Bloggy lter dig enkelt skicka meddelanden till din bloggy genom Panelen i… Lees verder »


Description There have been many new good ideas of fighting automated Spam in WordPress. Most of these Plugins (like the antecessor of NoSpamNX: Yawasp) change the name of one (or… Lees verder »

Quick Code

Description A very useful utility that allows blog administrators to quickly test code fragments (HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL). There has been many times that I needed to test bits of… Lees verder »

Branded Admin

Description Branded Admin is a WordPress plugin designed to give a blog author or designer the ability to change the WordPress Administration section by adding a unique – branded –… Lees verder »

bg-import | Импортиране на блогове от и

Description Този плъгин (приставка, разширение) е направен, за да направи по-лесно пре? върлянето на блогове от различни популярни български блог-? остинг услуги в WordPress блогове (в момента само и… Lees verder »

Description For English, please see below. Czech: Tento plug-in Vám zajistí snadné použití statistické služby ve vašem blogu provozovaném na systému WordPress. Plug-in přidá nový widget (nazvaný a… Lees verder »


Description Shows how your posts in doing at Digg on the Dashboard. DiggStats shows how many Diggs your post has got at Features Shows how your posts in doing… Lees verder »

WP Bible Gateway

Description Automatically creates links to from references in wordpress posts. It will use which every version of the bible you last queried in bible gateway. Installation Download wp-bible-gateway.php and… Lees verder »


Description The main goal is to post music from Amie Street on your website to help promote your favorite artist. This is done every Wednesday as to help break up… Lees verder »

CD gallery

Description Changes gallery thumbneils to CD jacket image. ギャラリーのサムネイルをCDジャケットの画像に変換するプラグインです。 web site: Island blog – WordPress、ギャラリーをCDジャケットに? ?っているように見せるプラグイン「cd gallery」を書いてみた。 Screenshots jewel vinyl cd Installation Upload all files under repository to the /wp-content/plugins/cd_gallery/… Lees verder »


Description WordPress gives us a lot of ways of classification: categories, tags, date … All of these methods are efficient, and cover most of our needs. But they are applied… Lees verder »

Misiek Paypal

Description Plugin allows you to generate paypal buttons with IPN verification. Buttons can be added to the posts or pages using syntax string to content body. Also all buttons are… Lees verder »

Bulk Delete

Description Bulk Delete is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to delete posts, pages, attachments, users and meta fields in bulk based on different conditions and filters. Features The following… Lees verder »