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Comenta WP

Description Publish all your blog comments directly to twitter. Screenshots Configuration screen. Faq Can I choose wich URL Shorten Service use? Yes, you can choose between TinyURL, and… Lees verder »


Description Twounter simply returns the number of followers for a twitter username. You have two options to fetch the number of followers for a username. You can use the function… Lees verder »

Tracked RSS

Description Very simple plugin. Variables are set as follows: utm_source=rss utm_medium=rss utm_campaign is set as the post slug Note that the utm_campaign variable works in the same way as my… Lees verder »


Description This is a plugin / widget, after installing you have the possibility to locate a widget to your site. An visitor can now send a sms to a person…. Lees verder »

Next Page, Not Next Post

Description Next Page, Not Next Post is a very simple plugin that creates navigation between sibling pages. This plugin gives you two new functions, next_page_not_post($anchor_text, $loop, $sort) previous_page_not_post($anchor_text, $loop, $sort)…. Lees verder »


Description Ajoute un bouton “J’aime cet article”. Permettez à vos visiteurs de voter pour vos articles sur Les Influenceuses. Cela aura pour effet d’ajouter votre article sur sa page de… Lees verder »


Description TagMeta generates meta keywords using your most used tags. It automatically gets the 10 most used tags out of your blog posts and pages and puts them into a… Lees verder »

Dashboard Info

Description Creates an dashboard-box with editable text. Also adds the ability to hide all other dashboard-boxes.


Description DraugiemSay allows you to notify all your friends in social network about new posts in your blog automatically. Option to turn on and off notifications for each of… Lees verder »

Default Trackbacks

Description Default Trackbacks is a wordpress plugin that sends trackback to the preset URLs. It is enhanced version of the old Default Trackback. Features: Send trackback to the URLs in… Lees verder »


Description Create a widget for blueCounter. It can display total, today, yesterday counter. blueCounterWidget은 총 방문자, 오늘 방문자, 어제 방문자를 위젯을 통해 보여주는 간단한 위젯 플러그인입니다. blueCounterWidgetは総訪問者、今日の訪問者、昨日の訪問者をウィゼットで見せる簡単なウィゼットプラグインです。 这Plug-In就是 WordPress Counter… Lees verder »

Modify Word

Description Plugins for modify some word from text, this plugins created due to some mod_security rule that not allow any special word in POST/GET Action Arbitrary section A brief Markdown… Lees verder »


Description NO LONGER MAINTAINED With being just a shell of its former self, being up and down, it just isn’t worth keeping this plugin up to date. NO LONGER… Lees verder »

Better Text Widget

Description A widget improves upon the built-in text widget by adding a class to each instance of the widget, based on the title. Installation Use automatic installer to install and… Lees verder »

Scriblio Community Information Database

Description Enables the entry, searching, and display of “community information database” records; requires Scriblio and bSuite. By Casey Bisson with significant contributions by Shannon Astolfi.

Twitter Tag

Description Include a Twitter @username in your blog post and Twitter Tag will automatically create a link to that users Twitter page and will send a tweet telling them that… Lees verder »


Description Añade esquemas de colores adicionales a WordPress, haciendo que sea realmente personalizable el escritorio de administración. Screenshots Esquema “Fresco” activo Faq Español ¿Que hace StylePress? Añade esquemas de colores… Lees verder »

No DiggBar

Description The DiggBar is a URL shortening service that puts your website within a frame on As a result, the user sees Digg’s URL, rather than your URL in… Lees verder »

Block Diggbar

Description This plugin blocks your blog from being accessed by the DiggBar. This message is displayed to the user: The DiggBar is blocked on this blog. Read why. Credits Digg… Lees verder »

oobgolf Widgets

Description oobgolf Widgets is a plugin that allows you to display various bits of information from your profile on your blog. Current Widgets oobgolf Rounds: Displays recent rounds on… Lees verder »