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Tweet Cloud

Description Cloud of popular words and phrases from a user’s Twitter profile. Instead of using a tag cloud, which is dependent on your posts and options, Tweet Cloud aggregates the… Lees verder »


Description TNX-WP automatically places money-making links from TNX onto your WordPress blog. It allows you to automatically place links before and after content, comments, in the sidebar and in the… Lees verder »

Post to Friendfeed

Description Publish an entry to FriendFeed of your blog post with images and excerpt. Requires FriendFeed API Core WordPress Plugin Translation Belorussian (Thanks FatCow) Bulgarian (Thanks Dimitar Kolevski of Web… Lees verder »

Cool Tags

Description A plugin for WordPress, You can control the tag cloud(include color,font size,number,and so on) of sidebar. Function 1,you can click the “Cool Tags” to option in your WP admin…. Lees verder »

CP Import

Description CP Import allows you to move your newspaper from College Publisher to WordPress in a snap. CP Import will import your articles, sections, authors, and media into WordPress without… Lees verder »

runcode by soncy

Description A plugin for WordPress, Run html,css,javascript code in a textarea,and you can control the size of textarea. Screenshots Watch a demo here: Faq how to use? you can… Lees verder »

Dorar El Kalam

Description This Plugin is very lightweight , useful , beatiful to your blog , it show the last qoute added in dorrar elkalam Site . This Plugin Coded by :… Lees verder »

Best Post Page

Description Best Post Page is a WordPress plugin, that utilizes optimization algorithms to chose the best posts based on criteria such as views and comments. This plugin automatically generates a… Lees verder »

Wolfram Alpha

Description Adds a search form for the Wolfram|Alpha computational knowledge engine. Screenshots Wolfram|Alpha search form Faq Have you also developed Wolfram Alpha? No, I’ve just written this little plugin. Do… Lees verder »


Description This plugin was developed because I have one blog with multiple authors who have their own categories. The users’ category access is administered by the Authors2Categories in Tools panel… Lees verder »


Description Add hostname to outgoing links as “#referrer=hostname”. Arbitrary section A brief Markdown Example Installation Upload AutoReferrer to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Eletro Widgets

Description Allows you to use the power and flexibility of the WordPress Widgets to set up a dynamic area anywhere in your site and manage multiple columns of widgets, dragging… Lees verder »


Description Manage your online reputation

Multi RSS

Description Muli RSS leverages the SimplePie in order to combine feeds of all sorts (RSS, ATOM, XML). The feeds are aggregated and then soretd by date and time for display…. Lees verder »


Description USecureX allows for the creation of user groups, then by adding users and pages to those groups, only those users can view that page. There is no (realistic) limit… Lees verder »

Cool Contact Form

Description Easy to use contact form. Displays nice looking validation errors and success messages on respective failure and success while sending the mail. Screenshots Installation 1) Unzip the plugin in… Lees verder »

Nasza Klasa – Wizytówka

Description Ten plugin wyświetla wizytówkę z serwisu Wizytówki te są domyślnie wyłączone – aby ją włączyć, wejdź na tą stronę. English: This plugin shows user card from most popular… Lees verder »

Tweet Push

Description Sends user registrations,comments and posts to your Twitter account. Most Twitter tools use CuRL PHP library. However, many hosting providers restrict the use of this library. Tweet Push use… Lees verder »

Quick Slugs

Description Quick Slugs is a plugin that helps you edit, update posts/pages slugs quickly. For more details, including installation and usage instruction, please visit my page: Screenshots The main… Lees verder »