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Description Autokeyword plugin adds meta keywords from the contents of your WordPress blog. Autokeyword plugin generates keyword automatically and does not require manually typing keywords which is very tedious. It… Lees verder »


Description WP-Blip! pozwala na wyświetlenie ostatnich wpisów z BlipLoga. Można wyświetlać wszystkie wpisy, lub też ograniczone do dowolnego tagu. Udostępniony jest w części administracyjnej panel pozwalający na dowolną konfigurację sposoby… Lees verder »

Some Chinese Please!

Description 这是为用为中文写作的朋友准备的一款防御spam插件。 它可以有效地拦截内容中不带有中文字的comment和trackback(pingback),不写入数据库中,可有效地减小spam对blog服务器的无谓使用。 Installation 安装只需下载压缩包,解压后,把SomeChinesePlease文件夹上传到/wp-content/plugins/文件夹中,最后在后台激活即可使用。 Changelog 1.0.7 修復文章不開放留言時javascript報錯,修復啟用插件後ctrl+enter不能正常使用的問題。(謝謝 lite3 提出修復方法 ) 可選擇是否對trackback(pingback)進行過濾 1.0.6 修复提交无中文留言时,提示语显示为乱码现象 1.0.5 可选择登录用户是否需要通过测试 在出错页添加返回链接 1.0.4 清除多余的wp_enqueue_script(‘jquery’); 仅在单篇文章或页面中加入js提示。 1.0.3 通过W3C HTML验证 1.0.2 用小段的JavaScript代替jQuery。 提示中可使用WordPress内置的表情丰富提示内容。 1.0.1 增加设置子菜单,用于设置是否在留言框的底部显示一段英文提示,告知留言者要在留言中添加中文才能通过spam测试。


Description The plugin automatically adds keywords in heading from tags. Uses for this purpose one SQL-query as get_the_tags() works only in Loop. The ‘Quick META Keywords’ plug-in uses categories for… Lees verder »

Selective RSS

Description This is a simple Plugin that allows you to embed RSS feed items into Pages or Posts. It also optionally allows you to choose how many items to display… Lees verder »


Description Plugin to display each record in advertising Screenshots Installation Upload postovoy.php,lang/en.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Description Fun for everyone! Installation Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.


Description Mymood Plugin usging this plugin you can show of your status or mood to your visitor simpily putting a widget in your sidebar Mymood comes with 97 cool difference… Lees verder »


Description PageSpot uses private Pages as groups of content to be inserted in various other places in your Page or theme. By default it creates two special private Pages: PageSpot… Lees verder »


Description This simple plugin is useful for retrieving the clean URL of the avatar of the author, in the case you are using the get_avatar function. It works as a… Lees verder »

Thaana Date

Description This plugin replaces the english format of month and days in WordPress to Thaana (Maldivian language) format. This plugin uses Unicode character to display date and month. You are… Lees verder »