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Block IE6

Description This plugin keeps people from viewing your site if they are using Internet Explorer 6. Gives options to download a variety of newer browsers. For more information on the… Lees verder »

Adicon Server

Description This WordPress plugin will manage your 16px ads on your WordPress site. It even has a upload form to let your clients upload their own ads. The code for… Lees verder »


Description WordPress plugin automatically adds at the bottom of your blog posts (no homepage, but single pages only) the most relevant tweets related to your posts’ content. The plugin… Lees verder »


Description Enhance your blog with ratings and reviews from Simply install the plugin and your content will automatically be scanned and enriched with the blippr plugin (don’t worry, we… Lees verder »


Description Heres a tiny plugin that will show the total number of spams caught by askismet since your very first post. You can include it anywhere in your template. Un-Installation… Lees verder »

Community Ads

Description Yazarların gönderdiği içeriklerde kendi reklamlarının görüntülenmesini sağlamaya yarayan bir eklenti. Installation This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working. e.g. Upload ads.php to the /wp-content/plugins/… Lees verder »


Description Show visits in our WordPress Installation 1.Unzip and upload in /wp-content/plugins 2.Activate in page of plugins 3.In file sidebar.php of theme write Changelog 1.0.1 bug corrected, that register false… Lees verder »


Description With this Plugin you can set several descriptions for your blog. They change randomized without reloading the page. You will find an example video on the plugin-page at… Lees verder »

Page Style

Description Allow pages/categories to have different styles by adding a CSS Class (the Page Name or Category/Tag Slug) to the BODY. The CSS class can be the following: Home Page:… Lees verder »

Tipit Suite

Description Important: As TipiT is discontinued, this plugin is no longer maintained. Makes it easy to display a link to your TipiT tipjar in posts. Also includes a sidebar widget… Lees verder »

Change Attachment Parent

Description Change Attachment Parent allows you to edit the parent value of anything in the media library. Installation Extract and place change-post-attachment.php /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the… Lees verder »

bSuite Monitor

Description Optimized for WordPress MU. Monitor admin activity and enable help desk access to individual blogs.

User Count

Description Simply displays the number of users who have an account on your blog to the admin dashboard. Also lists number of users by user role. Screenshots Screenshot 1 Screenshot… Lees verder »

TwittLink Button

Description TwittLink button, adds a small retweet button to your posts. Installation Upload the TwittLink plugin to your blog, Activate it and done!


Description Using this plugin you can collect donations to your organization using the Israeli wallaPay service. This plugin was built according to the specs created by Walla and stated in… Lees verder »

Sociable Polska

Description Dodatkowy zestaw najpopularniejszych polskich serwisów dla wtyczki Sociable. Aktualna lista dostępnych serwisów Alfabetycznie: Blip,, Flaker, Grono,,, Pinger,, Śledzik,, Serwis dostępny jest standardowo… Lees verder »


Description List your projects. Let your users see what you are working on. Features – You can select where the link goes (wp-page, external link) – Easily add more platforms… Lees verder »


Description This twitter plugin outputs your twitter updates to your WordPress blog. It linkifies hash tags and @replies while properly caching. It is called TweetiePie because it uses the SimplePie… Lees verder »


Description Displays your latest pictures from TwitPic in the sidebar of your blog. The plugin is widget ready and comes with many configuration options! Because every theme brings their very… Lees verder »


Description Nav2Me arbeitet nach der Google-Maps Version 3. Es ist kein API-Key notwendig, um dieses Plugin zu nutzen. Bitte beachten Sie die Google Maps Nutzungs-Richtlinien. Funktionen: Adresse oder Koordinaten (optional)… Lees verder »

Auto FTP

Description Plugin allows you to save the host, user and password of your host ftp account so it no longer needs confirmation each and every time you install or update… Lees verder »

Add BigFish Games Catalog

Description This plugin adds game catalog from to your Blog. The first significant difference is that you are sharing your customers with Big Fish Games. Big Fish Games then… Lees verder »