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Q wie Quiz

Description “Q wie Quiz” ist ein Quiz-Webgadget auf Flashbasis, mit dem Quiz-Module zu verschiedenen Themen auf einer Website schnell und einfach eingebunden werden koennen. Die Quiz-Module beinhalten zum Teil Sound… Lees verder »


Description This plugin enables a shoutbox widget, integrated with WordPress look n’ feel, using ajax to add comments and filtering comments with Akismet as spam filter. There are 4 layouts… Lees verder »


Description The plugin make it easy to invoke articles of your blog . Just insert an simple javascript code in the web page if other sites want to invoke your… Lees verder »


Description Wtyczka w żaden sposób nie ingeruje w strukturę plików na serwerze, a jedynie podmienia ścieżki do załączników w trakcie generowania strony. Następnie dzięki jednej regułce dodanej w pliku .htaccess… Lees verder »


Description If you don’t use categories on your blog, this plugin will stop news readers/aggregators from displaying “Category: Uncategorised” or similar.


Description This plugin quite simply allows you to use the Ctrl-S keyboard command commonly used in many software products to save a document. When a post or page hasn’t been… Lees verder »

User Link Feed

Description User Link Feed enables user blog to contribute link feeds include an image fetched for the link. Title, Description, and Images are fetched directly from the link source in… Lees verder »


Description WP-Blogtoppen er et lille plugin, som embedder tracking JavaScriptet fra den danske blograngliste, JavaScriptet bliver inkluderet på alle offentlige sider for alle andre end administratorer. Plugin’et er ikke… Lees verder »

Remove IP

Description Remove IP it’s a really-really-simple plugin to not log the IP address from the people that comment on your wordpress installation. This plugin will be useful to people that… Lees verder »

Published Revisions Only

Description Published Revisions Only disables revisioning prior to a post being published. Autosaves and revisions made after publication are stored. Basically, I wanted to have a record of revisions that… Lees verder »

Embed Wave

Description “Embed Wave” is a plugin for embedding waves on a WordPress blog. It allows multiple waves to be displayed on the same page- useful if you’re going to have… Lees verder »

SEO nuinu

Description This plugin uses custom fields to allow the page title tag to be different from the actual page title. Both meta descriptions and keywords can also be added to… Lees verder »