Maandelijks archief: december 2009

deviantART Widgets

Description This plugins allows display of deviantArt’s feeds such as Journals, Favourites and Galleries into widgets. Cache and thumbnail generation is supported. This plugin is actually in ‘Beta’, many changes… Lees verder »

Compare Translations

Description Allows to compare translations in different .mo files. Can be used by WordPress l10n teams to synchronize translations of WordPress, WPMU and Changelog 0.3 Added compatibility with WordPress… Lees verder »

WordPlurk improve

Description Generates Plurk Updates when a new Post is Published, Useing Official Plurk api, and Setting improve. Orginal Home page Post Plurk Responses can show after the post. **… Lees verder »

Tidy Slugs

Description Removes random characters like ? which get converted to %e2%80%99 Faq Does this plugin uses loads of resources Nope, this is just a quick hook which runs six php… Lees verder »

Nabz Image Gallery

Description This Plugin have a youtube like default view and a popup view to meet your requirement Screenshots screenshot-1.png screenshot-2.png screenshot-3.png screenshot-4.png Faq please feel free to ask me for… Lees verder »


Description This plugin allows users to express sentiments (a la, e.g. happy, neutral, outraged etc.) through the WordPress commenting system. Users can also associate their comment with a pre-defined… Lees verder »


Description TabberList allows you to organise your many lists into a cool tabbed display on any page or post. The tabs are javascript-powered and the default skin uses Sean Catchpole’s… Lees verder »


Description Features: * General class to access WordPress database (tables, rows) * General class to retrieve WordPress users information * General class to retrieve WordPress categories information * General class… Lees verder »


Description Features: * Ability to edit templates for emails to use in other plugins * Code developers can define the emails to use in their plugins and integrate it to… Lees verder »

Clean UP

Description Clean junk files or trashes that automatically created due to autosaving while writting new Posts. Deleting these junks will keep your database clean and save a lot of space… Lees verder »

Add Code to RSS

Description Adds the custom PHP code before and after every feed entry. Installation Upload add-code-to-rss folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress Go… Lees verder »

Slide In Popup

Description This plugin will enable you to add any kind of slide in/out popups to your WordPress website. New widget, called “SlideIn Box”, is added. Each of these widgets can… Lees verder »


Description This plugin provides support for using oEmbed in your WordPress blog. Rick media Example: [oembed:] This will put the selected polldady poll on your blog Photo example Flickr: [oembed:]… Lees verder »

Twitter Lists for WordPress

Description This is basically an extended version of All credit goes to Twitter for WordPress displays yours latest tweets in your WordPress blog. Features * Simple * Customizable… Lees verder »

Revision History

Description Revision History displays the revision history of a post or page, with links to the content of each revision. The revision history is appended to the content of the… Lees verder »

Twitter Badge

Description Generate a Twitter Badge for your site based on twitterBadge Features: No image or flash for text No JavaScript needed Link directly to you twitter account! You can select… Lees verder »

Style Box

Description Make Styled Note box, Alert box, Help box, Tip Box, Important Box in your posts using classes. Faq How to use this plugin? See StyleBoxCode.png for usage guide Installation… Lees verder »