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Get Satisfaction

Description GetSatisfaction plugin that will allow you to integrate with GetSatisfaction to create, manage, and display Topics and Replies. Faq Where can I get a Get Satisfaction API Key? You… Lees verder »


Description Beware! This plugin is still in alpha stage, rather do not use it yet on important (or clients’) sites. I will appreaciate your opinions and most importantly bug-reports in… Lees verder »

Spirulina News

Description Let you add a customizeable widget to display the news from in your sidebar. Features: – widgeht is customizeable – you can define how much postings are displayed… Lees verder »

Self Shortener

Description Self Shortener is a WordPress plugin to be able to handle URL shortening feature, by your WordPress site itself. Self Shortener can: create short URL using your site URL…. Lees verder »

RTL Tester

Description This plugin adds a button to the admin bar that allow admins to switch the text direction of the site. It can be used to test WordPress themes and… Lees verder »

Prune Users

Description This will allow administrators to prune out old users that have never contributed to the blog with either a comment or a post. Screenshots This is the plugin screen… Lees verder »

Advanced YouTube

Description Advanced YouTube provides a shortcode to easily insert a YouTube video to a post. This plugin will generate a W3C valid embed code, and provides options for customizing the… Lees verder »

Add External Users

Description If you’re using LDAP or some other external authentication source for your WordPress MU install, it can be annoying for blog admins to grant access to other people. The… Lees verder »

AntiBot Captcha

Description AntiBot Captcha – simple good-looking, but well-protected plugin against spam robots for your blog comments Screenshots Example of captha in comments section Faq Please visit Installation Upload the… Lees verder »


Description blueDaumView 플러그인은 포스트 작성시 메타박스에 있는 다음뷰 송고 리스트 박스에서 송고할 카? ?고리를 선택한후 포스트 발행과 동시에 다음뷰에 포스트를 송고하여 줍니다. 또한, 다음뷰로 송고된 포스트에 한해 포스트 하단에 추천… Lees verder »

Share On Vkontakte

Description Add link to share the current post or page to social network VKontakte (, Just setup in 1 click. Installation Upload folder share-on-vkontakte to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate… Lees verder »

Valid oEmbed YouTube

Description This plugin makes the oEmbed code output for YouTube videos Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional. Deutschsprachige Beschreibung: Mit WordPress hat man die Mglichkeit, YouTube-Videos und andere externe Medien ber oEmbed… Lees verder »


Description Now you can maintain and verify the state of the backlinks on the linking pages from your link-exchange-partners. Translators German (de_DE) – Dennis Ploetner Italian (it_IT) – Antonella Cucinelli… Lees verder »


Description in content a href=””/a after saving a href=””Example Web Page/a

Бутон за споделяне

Description Безплатен и лесен за инсталиране бутон за споделяне в социални мрежи. Появява се в края на всяка публикация, като дава възможност на потребителите да споделят вашето съдържание в най-използваните… Lees verder »

Region Protect

Description Protect a particular region of your post from non-members and leechers.


Description Geotagmapper adds geographical identification metadata (latitude and longitude) to the HTML header.You only have to specify your address. Check out my other WordPress Plugins Remove plugin Deactivate plugin through… Lees verder »

Dashboard linker

Description Create a link to the dashboard Usage Full Usage instructions and documentation can be found here: Faq You can now view the FAQ in the documentation: Installation… Lees verder »

Taxonomy Manager

Description Manage taxonomies from WordPress back-end. Add/Edit/Delete taxonomies and more! Features: Create taxonomies. Delete taxonomies. Edit taxonomies. Add taxonomies for custom post types. Add taxonomies for pages and links. Widget… Lees verder »


Description This plugin provides a host-meta – file for WordPress (RFC: From the RFC: Web-based protocols often require the discovery of host policy or metadata, where host is not… Lees verder »

RSS in Page

Description Short code [rssinpage rssfeed=’feedURL’] generates a list of RSS feed items with date, title, link, description and now image. Supports multiple feed URLs separated by commas e.g. rssfeed=’feedurl1, feedurl2′… Lees verder »