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Description Allows to get Russian translations for your plugins automatically from the l10n-ru project repository. Installation Upload rurumo folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu… Lees verder »

NextGEN İçin Önizleme

Description WordPress yazılarına NextGEN Gallery uygulaması ile eklenen resimlerden ilkini; otomatik olarak, özet alanına girilen metnin başında gösterir. Bunun için temanızda özet alanlar the_excerpt() etiketi ile gösteriliyor olması gerekmektedir. Screenshots… Lees verder »

Pembersih URL/Link

Description For more informations please visit: Faq Need more informations? please visit: Installation Heuheu, just activate this on your dashboard and it will work for you. Changelog 1.3… Lees verder »

HTML5ify for WP

Description Tags added to the writing module with this plugin: article, section, header, footer, aside, canvas, video, audio, source, hgroup, figure, figcaption Want more tags? email with suggestions Installation… Lees verder »

Custom Month

Description This is a blog date display plug-in, it can help you customize your blog’s month display. The default month is in Chinese. No more description, easy to use. Installation… Lees verder »

Best Available Ampersands

Description Automatically replaces all ampersands in post titles and content with ones styled using Dan Cederholm’s “Use the Best Available Ampersand” technique. Faq What is the point of this plugin?… Lees verder »


Description When someone posts a comment on your blog his/her details will be captured in the BatchBook CRM system. This is done by using the BatchBook API’s ( Currently the… Lees verder »

Steam Widget

Description Displays a specified Steam profile in the sidebar of your blog. Faq Can multiple instances of the widget be used? Yes. Installation Upload the steam-widget folder to your /wp-content/plugins/… Lees verder »

Post Stats

Description Statistics about posts length and reading time on dashboard and/or sidebar widget (see screenshots). Optionally, displays additional statistics before each post. Stats display in the widget Total number of… Lees verder »


Description Gouel provides an interface to create maps. You can create trips with a list of points and a route (line). You can link points with your posts. Gouel works… Lees verder »

Bloginfo Shortcode

Description Displays information about your blog in a page or post. [bloginfo show=”url”] where show can equal any values from


Description The Topspin WordPress plug-in will work out-of-the-box with any WordPress blog as long as your theme follows standard WordPress coding requirements. Not to worry — most do. The plug-in… Lees verder »


Description 使用新浪微博瓣账号登陆你的 WordPress 博客,并且留言使用新浪微博的头像。博主可以同步日志到新浪微博,用户可以同步留言到新浪微博。 详细介绍: Installation 上传激活即可。详细安装请点击: Changelog 2.3.1 – 修正后台同步 url encode 问题。 2.3 – 修正同步到新浪微博的问题,增加用户名前缀 weibo_ 修改过期函数 2.2 – 修正同步到新浪微博的问题。 2.1 – 修正一个登陆之后还有按钮的 bug 2.0 –… Lees verder »

RSS Add Images to Post

Description This plugin will add the first image from the current post to your RSS feed. This way, your feed should have an image for every post, which will make… Lees verder »

Tag Excess

Description Mantiene la pubblicazione dei tag al disotto del 20% del numero di articoli in modo da non generare un tag excess Il plugin conta quante volte il tag viene… Lees verder »

MV-ID WP Avatar

Description Taking inspiration from the highly pluggable nature of WordPress, “MV-ID WP Avatar” is the first plugin to take advantage of filters in the “Metaverse ID” plugin. “MV-ID WP Avatar”… Lees verder »

Dichtungen (german)

Description Das Dichtungen-Plugin stellt eine Erweiterung bereit, welche verschiedene Informationen zu Dichtungen im Blog einblenden lsst. Das Dichtungen-Plugin ist mit Hilfe einer Konfigurationsseite konfigurierbar. Installation Entpacke Lade den dichtungen-german-Ordner… Lees verder »

Top Tweetmeme

Description The Top Tweetmeme plugin for WordPress ranks articles based on the number of retweets they receive through the Tweetmeme service. It comes with both a widget for use with… Lees verder »

Tabber Widget

Description Use the Tabber widget to add up to 10 tabbed widget areas in to one existing widget. Tabber Widget works in all browsers, and comes packed with 4 templates… Lees verder »


Description This plugin inserts the amelie javascript code to subversively prod IE 6 users to upgrade to a better browser. See for more details on how the script works…. Lees verder »

Hide Favorite Button

Description Hide Favorite Button is a tiny WordPress plugin which, when activated, hide the “favorite button” or (depending on the wordpress version) the “new button” of the admin bar. Installation… Lees verder »