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Description Shows a SplashScreen to visitors who enter the websites in their Browser or come from another site by referer. The SplashScreen appears only at the frontpage. Installation Upload the… Lees verder »

Simple Flowplayer

Description Dieses Plugin ermöglicht das einfache präsentieren von Medien aus der Mediathek, sowie externen Quellen, mit hilfe des Flowplayers. Plugin’s Official Site Simple Flowplayer ( FAQ Installation Das komplette Plugin… Lees verder »

PM Tools

Description Just a collection of some effects and functions: Panorama 360 view shortcode Subpages shortcode for automated Subpages Guestbook shortcode ID column in Posts/Pages Backendlist Function layout_content() for Contentecho in… Lees verder »

Page in Widget

Description The Page in Widget widget lets you display a page content inside a widget. This way you have more control how the content is displayed, and it’s much easier… Lees verder »

Where Am I

Description This plugin will enable you to enter your address, it will then attempt to identify the location (coordinates) of the property. These coordinates can then be used to show… Lees verder »

WordPress Migration

Description Migrating WordPress has been very hard in the past. This plugin hopes to solve that problem by autmatically copying your files and data to a new URL. Installation Upload… Lees verder »

Grid Archives

Description Grid Archives offers a grid style archives page for WordPress, just put “[grid_archives]” in your Post or Page to show the grid-style archives. The default config will display all… Lees verder »

Pop Your Notes

Description This plugin shows modal window using jQuery simplemodal plugin. While it’s activated, a necessary JS and Stylesheet is be already inserted WordPress’s section. And You can set the Content,… Lees verder »


Description At the moment this plugin simply allows you to create and manage a director y of audio tracks in WordPress. Future plans include: Additional track details; Lyrics, Year, BPM,… Lees verder »

Ultra Contact Form

Description This plugin does not work correctly. 🙁 Installation Upload the this plugin to your blog, Activate it. Changelog 0.0 Initial release.


Description radSLIDE creates a simple interface for updating a javascript slideshow based on jQuery Cycle. radSLIDE was developed by RadicalDesigns as a way to make updating a javascript jQuery based… Lees verder »


Description Everytime you Publish a new post, this plugin will automatically send the update information to so the whole world can be notified that you keep your content fresh…. Lees verder »

WhippleHill Integration

Description The WhippleHill Integration plugin for WordPress allows a school to manage a WordPress blog network right from their Podium platform. Taking advantage of WhippleHill’s Ecosystem this plugin helps bring… Lees verder »

Theme Rotator

Description Theme Rotater lets you define dates where your themes should be activated automatically, e.g Ramadan theme, Halloween theme, Christmas theme.. etc. You can choose from the current themes, and… Lees verder »