Maandelijks archief: december 2010

Add to Menu

Description Quickly add Pages, Posts, or any custom post type posts to any of your menus while you are editing the post. Check the checkbox for the menu to add… Lees verder »

Check Url Malware

Description Very simple plugin to check the comment author url with unmaskparasites. This plugin add a link “Check Malware” in the “edit-comments” section and output the result in a fancybox… Lees verder »


Description Add latest tweets to your all post or selected post or even gives different tweets to different post. This plugin helps the admin to get the latest tweets after… Lees verder »

Accept Signups

Description Accept signups by email. Logs email, IP and timestamp. Data available in real-time from admin panel in these formats: HTML table Comma separated email list for copy-and past operations… Lees verder »


Description 这是一个淘宝博客插件. 通过它,可以方便的在wordpress中开设一家淘宝店铺. Arbitrary section You may provide arbitrary sections, in the same format as the ones above. This may be of use for extremely complicated plugins where more information… Lees verder » (web font service)

Description A plugin to use the web font service with your account. Note that you need a acount on (sign up free.) Japanese このプラグインをインストールすると、簡単に“ウェブフォント”を使えるようになります。 「デコもじ」サービスと連携して動作します。(アカウント登録が必要です※) ※無料トライアルを含む、全てのご利用プランに対応しています。 About… Lees verder »

Snack Bar

Description Adds a snack menu to the admin bar that provides quick access to blog/network admin screens for SuperAdmins Installation Use automatic installer. Changelog 0.1.3 Show site name on site… Lees verder »

Shopp SEO Helper

Description Changes the wp_title content when viewing a Shopp product or category. Based on code by ‘Stanislav’ at Installation Upload the contents of this zip file to your `/wp-content/plugins/’… Lees verder »


Description CoffeeGreet is a WordPress plug-in that will greet your visitors with coffee depending on the hour of the day, by displaying images using the Flickr API. The plug-in will… Lees verder »


Description The Ooyala WordPress Plugin is specifically designed to take advantage of the many new capabilities of the latest versions of WordPress platform and to give publishers a more updated… Lees verder »