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Shortcode Ajax

Description This plugin adds new shortcode: [shortcode_ajax][/shortcode_ajax] Originally written for WP-Table Reloaded plugin to add ability reload some tables dynamically. It should work with other plugins too! Faq How to… Lees verder »

Blog Post Area

Description The idea behind this plugin is to allow users to setup information in their admin panel, that will be pulled through into the front end. It’s setup to make… Lees verder »

Simple Tag Shortcode

Description This plugin provides a simple [tag] shortcode. Replacing patterns: [tag]tag name[/tag] a href=”” title=”tag name”tag name/a [tag slug=”tag-name”]your text[/tag] a href=”” title=”tag name”your text/a [tag name=”tag name”]your text[/tag] a… Lees verder »

HeadJS Loader

Description This plugin reformats your page to utilize Head JS in your WordPress site. Caution: this plugin can cause major issues with the javascript on your site if not implemented… Lees verder »

Dashboard Switcher

Description Adds a dropdown list of the sites with every site owned in a network to quickly switch between them. Installation Upload dashboard_switcher.php to the /wp-content/mu-plugins/ directory It’s done!

Custom Gravatar

Description You can add block with your gravatar account information on your site Supports fields Style from gravatar Name And Surname About Me My Location IMS Accounts Web Pages E-Mails… Lees verder »

Recent Posts Slider

Description Plugin Demo: RPS Lite Demo Recent Posts slider displays your blog’s recent posts either with excerpt or thumbnail image of first image of the post using slider. You can… Lees verder »

Description This is the long description. No limit, and you can use Markdown (as well as in the following sections). For backwards compatibility, if this section is missing, the full… Lees verder »


Description This Is Advanced Persian Plugin To Add Advertisement In WordPress Network Blogs . Also You Can Manage Plugin Banners In Admin Page . Add Unlimited Banner. Manage Number of… Lees verder »


Description The Alot is Better Than You at Everything. This plugin enables modules to pay homage to Allie Brosh’s Alot. Faq None yet. Installation Install and activate the plugin, then… Lees verder »

Description Add the current weather from The Netherlands in your posts, pages or add a widget, this is only interesting for people that live in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany…. Lees verder »