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Description This is a Webservice to test if your webservers return state 200. The service will send a notification email in worst case. Screenshots Administration Faq None None. Installation This… Lees verder »


Description Plugin automatically publishes posts from the wordpress blog on a service The plugin sends the letter to service russian localization this. Плагин автоматически публикует записи с вашего… Lees verder »

Remove Script Stylesheet Versions

Description Removes the version parameter from scripts and stylesheets enqueued by WordPress’ wp_enqueue_script() and wp_enqueue_style() functions. Installation Upload remove-script-style-versions.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu… Lees verder »

Admin Bar Remover

Description This plugin turns on or off Admin Bar in front end, for all users. Changelog 1.0 Plugin created!


Description This plugin simplifies the addition of Wanderfly widgets to your WordPress website. You can specify a destination, country, or region to feature on your posts, so your user can… Lees verder »


Description mobble provides mobile related conditional functions for your site. e.g. is_iphone(), is_mobile() and is_tablet(). CSS media queries are great for creating responsive web designs but they do not always… Lees verder »

Tidy Archives

Description Tidy Archives will display your archives in a practical way. It displays links to monthly archives together with direct post links for the current year, while for previous years… Lees verder »

Show/Hide Commentform

Description Toggles the visibilty of your commentform. Faq none Installation You can use the built in installer and upgrader, or you can install the plugin manually. Installation via WordPress Go… Lees verder »

Wa Plurk Updater Plugin

Description Posts any updates to your plurk account using the Plurk API. This plugin is inspired by the Twitter Updater plugin. Any comment and/or suggestion will be appreciated. Screenshots Screenshot… Lees verder »

Comic Sans FTW

Description Changes the font of your WordPress frontend and administration panel to Comic Sans. Screenshots Sample of a Comic Sans powered administration panel Installation Upload comic-sans-ftw.php file to the /wp-content/plugins/… Lees verder »

Post Expiry Plugin

Description Simple plugin to move your blog posts into another category at a specified time. This is useful for if you have a post that you want moved out of… Lees verder »