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Up down image slideshow gallery

Description Check official website for live demo Live Demo More information User Comments Up down image slideshow gallery lets showcase images in a vertical move style. Single image at… Lees verder »

VKontakte Wall Post

Description Рус: С помощью данного плагина вы сможете опубликовать ссылку на свой пост или страницу на собственной стене Вконтакте, а так же на стене группы или страницы Вконтакте администратором которой… Lees verder »

SlideShowPro SC

Description This plugin integrates WordPress with your SlideShowPro install adding a shortcode button to posts and pages allowing for easy insertion of slideshows. SlideShowPro Shortcode includes a settings page that… Lees verder »

BP Shop

Description Development Version for BP1.3! Allow every (or only some) members of your blog to have their own catalogue of products with the ability to sell them

Reset Permalink

Description This plugin adds a \”Reset Permalink\” button to the right of the \”View Post\” button while editing a post to quickly reset the permalink. Need this plugin customized or… Lees verder »

Партнёрский виджет Твайт.ру

Description Официальный вижет от Твайт.ру. Установив и настроив виджет на вашем сайте, вы будете получать 20% от каждого заказа на покупку фолловеров, оформленного с помощью вашей партнёрской формы. Зарегистрируйтесь на… Lees verder »

Paginated Gallery

Description Allows you to paginate the standard wordpress gallery. Excellent for photographers wishing to use wordpress to show off their photos. Please visit the official website for further details and… Lees verder »


Description Create giveaways just using you blog comments. It’s simple: Create a post and tag it “giveaway”. Ask readers to leave a comment to win a fantastic prize. Wait enough… Lees verder »


Description A simple interface allows to create, publish and manage interactive timelines based in arbitrary contents, not in the publications of your blog. The most part of available commands in… Lees verder »

Sheen Dream

Description Get the warlock’s greatest hits right in your Dashboard. An unobtrusive pearl of wisdom on every visit. Winning. Developed by Ben Howdle at Readme Generator This Readme file… Lees verder »


Description WhereRU!? is a WordPress plugin that allows you to manually specify a header, location, and link for your past, current, and upcoming locations. This is a great little plugin… Lees verder »


Description ArrowChat is a Facebook style chat plugin. It works well, and is a great addition to sites looking for a social solution. Similar to Wibiya, the Meebo toolbar and… Lees verder »


Description This plugin requires PHP 5.3 or greater ToDo Encrypting en decrypting options if they are not set yet. Developers php ~/wp/svn/i18n-tools/makepot.php wp-plugin ~/wp/git/twinfield ~/wp/git/twinfield/languages/twinfield.pot Links Pronamic Remco Tolsma Markdown’s… Lees verder »

Social Medias Connect

Description 支持微博账号与网站已有账号的绑定。 提供wordpress与其它社交媒体网站的连接登陆及文章同步、评论同步转发功能。 支持Github、Google、Yahoo、Facebook、Twitter、人人网、新浪微博、腾讯微博、搜狐微博、网易微博、天涯微博、豆瓣、饭否等约20个第三方网站的账号连接登陆、文章同步、评论 效果预览: 欢迎在新浪微博收听我:@qiqiboy V2.0功能 完全重写了以前的代码,插件更稳定! Screenshots 后台同步文章效果 登陆界面效果 后台绑定文章页面 后台设置界面 Faq FAQ请参见 Installation Download the plugin archive and expand it (you’ve likely already done this). Put the… Lees verder »


Description The Pressbox plugin adds a new tab to the Media Upload screen that allows you to insert images and files from Dropbox into your posts. Additionally, the plugin provides… Lees verder »

mobile detection

Description Mobile browser visitors detection and automatic activation of a specific mobile theme. Installation Create a specific mobile theme in wp-content/themes and named it “mobile”. Upload and activate the plugin…. Lees verder »


Description This plugin can display more than one page on a page. Faq How can i display multiple pages on one page? Insert !–pageid=##– or !–pagename=???– in your sites. Every… Lees verder »