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TI Stat

Description This plugin posts different charts from Yandex.Metrika on page. There is a widget, showing the most popular pages in last days. Go to Example Page to see how this… Lees verder »

Taxonomy Taxi

Description Automatically display custom taxonomy information in wp-admin/edit.php – requires PHP 5.3 Screenshots hack Custom ‘sausage’ taxonomy (for reference) Displaying ‘Sausage’ Column, which can be filtered to a specific term… Lees verder »

Define SSL Pages

Description This plugin allows you to force certain pages to display as SSL-only by simply checking a box. Please note, you must have SSL configured on your server and require… Lees verder »


Description This plugin configures WordPress to use a SMTP server when sending emails instead of the default PHP mail() function. It also creates a settings page where you can enter… Lees verder »


Description Nederlands Fijn dat je overweegt de 404SPONSORING plugin te installeren. Hiermee kan je een goed doel sponsoren met je 404 pagina. Voorlopig zijn dat de Nierstichting, de Bart de… Lees verder »

TentBlogger Gravatar Reminder

Description Gravatars are awesome for increasing user engagement besides giving everyone the opportunity to visually identify commenters and community members. In combination of Jetpack you can have a winning combo!… Lees verder »

Show Flickr Image

Description The dafault urls which flickr image is using are something like: “” “” “” and etc. But now in Mainland China, some of these urls is unreachable, because of… Lees verder »


Description Enter an email address and available contact information is displayed: Photo Name Demographic information Personal interests Clickable social links (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, …) Recent Twitter updates Recent Plancast plans… Lees verder »


Description A very simple plugin that lets visitors to your site register their interest in your service. It captures their name, telephone number and email address. Once installed, the plugin… Lees verder »

Embed Picasa Album

Description This plugin add new button to tinymce that allows you insert any of yours albums into post. No need in downloading your photos into multiple places. Add entire album… Lees verder »


Description Pancakes Installation Eat pancakes Changelog 0.1 Pancakes

NS Utilities

Description This plugin extends the category. Allows us to store meta for these. You can associate images with various formats to categories in your admin section. If you have a… Lees verder »

Email Comment

Description Get your users’ name and website just need their email before they post comments.It make your users post comments convenient.?û???????Ҫ????Email,??????Զ???ȡ??????????????(name,website),?????û????? Arbitrary section You may provide arbitrary sections, in the… Lees verder »

My Mood Comment

Description This plugin can help readers express their attitude to your archives quickly.And everyone can easily know others’ attitude.Now it’s not compatible with “wp super cache”. 这个插件提供心情评论,能够让读者看完文章后快速发表心情评论,所有人都能看到各种评论的次数,目前与wp super cache不兼容. Screenshots… Lees verder »