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TSB Occasion Editor

Description Add/modify/delete occasions for the iPhone app. Only works for one person. Useless if you are not Dan. Installation Hit “Install”. Changelog 1.2 Get description from database 1.1 Hotfixes 1.0… Lees verder »

Cbr Currency

Description Show the exchange rate Central Bank of Russian Federation. Курс валют ЦБ РФ на текущий день c динамикой изменения курса RUR, RUB, EUR, USD. Supported Languages: RU Russian (default)… Lees verder »


Description = 相? ?网站 = * 歪世界 * 插件主页 * 千易官网主页 * 千易API开发? 页面 新版本特性 在可视化编辑器中新增快速上传按钮 在HTML代码编辑器中新增快速上传按钮 新版本修复 对3721UP更新为千易对API的更改做了相应更改 重要提示 There should be a permission for you to use this… Lees verder »

RSS Feeds Disabler

Description Allows a blog administrator to disable all RSS feeds. Version History 1.0 * Original release. Installation Upload the directory “rss-feeds-disabler” to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the… Lees verder »


Description tinyFeedback help you collect feedback in a manner that in unobtrusive and flexible for your visitors, while still having many powerful, configurable features. When activated on your website, a… Lees verder »

Mouseflow for WordPress

Description With Mouseflow for WordPress you can access everything Mouseflow has to offer – directly from your WordPress dashboard! Learn more about your visitors by viewing recordings of whole user… Lees verder »

Easy Linkpost

Description When contributing a report by WordPress, many external pages are described using the tag, but it is troublesome. When introducing a link place, it contributes combining a title and… Lees verder »

WordPress Türkçe

Description Şu an için WordPress’de yazı,etiket veya kategori gibi adreslerde ŞşİıĞğÜüÖöÇç karakterlerini kullanmaya çalıştığınızda ssiigguuoocc haline gelmektedir. Kullanıcı adlarında ise bu karakterlere izin verilmemektedir. Bu eklenti sayesinde Türkçe karakterleri(ŞşİıĞğÜüÖöÇç) WordPress… Lees verder »

Alex User Counter

Description User Counter allows you to display a total count of all users in your WordPress site in any post, page or widget. See for help Installation Upload the… Lees verder »

Easy Color Manager

Description “Easy Color Manager” can manage site division’s color, shadow, radius, by automaticaly creating CSS. Plugin’s Official Site Easy Color Manager ( Screenshots screenshot-1.png Installation Upload the entire easy-color-manager folder… Lees verder »

AJAX Yandex.Metrika

Description Add Yandex.Metrika counter. And add counter integration for AJAX sites. Theme requirements: Theme must support footer (wp_footer). If not, you can change wp_register_script last parameter in php file: true… Lees verder »


Description is a Bible site that can be instantly integrated into your WordPress blog with this plugin. After installing and configuring the plugin options you just continue blogging and… Lees verder »

Auto youtube

Description An easy way to add video to your site with an automatic search based on tags, titles and categories. Screenshots Widget settings Changelog 0.0.3 0.0.2


Description THIS PLUGIN IS STILL UNDER DEVELOPMENT AND HAS NO WORKING FUNCTIONALITY. CHECK BACK JANUARY 2012. UMatter2Us turns WordPress into a web-based learning management system (LMS). The primary motivation behind… Lees verder »

Simple Mathjax

Description This wordpress plugin is yet another simple plugin to load the MathJax scripts at the bottom of all of your pages. It uses a very all-inclusive mathjax configuration by… Lees verder »