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Gemius for WordPress

Description Implementing Gemius Audience tracking on your blog is very easy. The Gemius tracking script is very simple and anybody can implement it. However, when you are changing themes it… Lees verder »

Reply Comment to Email

Description It’s sent a automatic message to the comment author when his/her comment receive a reply. Support URL: Screenshots Reply Comment to Email Painel Mail sent Installation Upload plugin… Lees verder »


Description There are several tabs plugins available, but many of them are poorly coded or use non-intuitive shortcode implementations. Rehabtabs is intended to to be a clean and intuitive alternative…. Lees verder »


Description Point multiple domains/sub-domains at a single WordPress installation and maintain link integrity (i.e. if you’re on, links will be, and if you’re links will be… Lees verder »

Contents of the box

Description On widget settings, display numbers of widgets where widgets areas include. Screenshots Widget Installation Upload contents-of-the-box-folder to the wp-content/plugins directory in your WordPress installation. Or you can download and… Lees verder »


Description AdHerder is an automated A/B advertisement testing platform. Create your ads and AdHerder will select the best ad for each individual user. This means you can create any number… Lees verder »


Description Got an old domain? 404 errors all over? using WordPress? Time to remove those 404 errors and recover your lost inbound links… Using SEO404, a very lightweight plugin for… Lees verder »


Description Rainbows! Screenshots Rainbows! Installation Upload to your plugins directory ( usally /wp-content/plugins/ ) Unzip the file Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress Changelog 1.0… Lees verder »

Season Greetings

Description Season Greetings for your blog, For all occassions and seasons, festivals. (Indian Festivals, International Festiavls) You can configure the number of icons/images and limit the plugin to specific posts… Lees verder »

评论啦系统 Pinglunla Comment System

Description 评论啦可以帮助您实现更加便捷, 更富交互性的评论社区。 通过评论啦提供的社会化功能, 网站主可以有效的提高用户的活跃度和回访率。 用户使用评论啦, 可以存储、管理自己在互联网上的评论记录。 评论啦WordPress插件 可以直接在wordpress后台设置评论参数 评论内容可以被搜索引擎收录(支持SEO)` 可一键导入wordpress已有的评论内容 论啦功能特色 支持评论内容一键导入评论啦, 一键导回wordpress! 开通了微博同步功能(可自定义)和评论回流功能 评论分享, 社交网络内广泛传播 评论和回复的邮件通知 评论关注, 找到志同道合的人 评论里可插入多媒体内容 强大的后台管理工具 垃圾评论过滤, 黑名单设置 支持社区小插件, 了解社区动态 汇集来自各大SNS的用户, 形成大的讨论社区 为网站带来活跃用户 Screenshots… Lees verder »

BackTo Top Plugin

Description 在页面的左侧或者右侧创建一个“返回顶部”的按钮,使用“返回顶部”按钮,可以方便快捷平滑的返回到blog的顶部。 This WordPress plugin adds an “Back To Top” button to easily scroll long pages back to the top. Screenshots Preview Settings Installation 安装 下载并解压 将此文件夹上传到Wordpress的插件目录:’Wordpress根目录/wp-content/plugins/’。 在后台的插件管理处激活。 Installation download… Lees verder »

Pett Tube

Description Este plugin adiciona um widget que mostra com thumbnails os ultimos videos postados no YouTube sob o username informado. This plugin show the latest videos thumbnails posted on YouTube… Lees verder »


Description Some WordPress audio plugins inject JavaScript into every page of your website, even pages that don’t have any audio on them. PlayPress doesn’t need any JavaScript. Other plugins rely… Lees verder »


Description Be the author of your identity! Guthrie allows you to create and manage an online profile page. Send invitations and share your profile among all your trusted (or not… Lees verder »

WordPress 淘宝客插件

Description 通过WordPress淘宝客插件,你可以给任何文章类型加上淘宝客选项,在你的博客上进行淘宝客商品推广,并获取销售提成。 Screenshots /screenshot-1.gif 插件参数设置页面 /screenshot-2.gif 插件截图 Faq 在文章模板中怎么调用淘宝客数据? 本插件生成的淘宝客数据使用 post meta 进行储存,在模板中可以通过 get_post_meta($post_id, $key, $single) 函数进行调用。 例: get_post_meta($post-ID,’TBK_item_url’,true); //调用商品淘宝客链接 get_post_meta($post-ID,’TBK_item_img’,true); //调用商品图片 get_post_meta($post-ID,’TBK_item_price’,true); //调用商品价格 get_post_meta($post-ID,’TBK_shop’,true); //调用掌柜名称 get_post_meta($post-ID,’TBK_shop_link’,true); //调用店铺链接 Installation 解压后把… Lees verder »


Description This plugin gives you a widget that you can share your music fav data to your visitor. 这个插件提供了一个小工? ?,您可以用它来向您的访客展现您在亦歌的音乐收藏数据。 Installation Install directly from WordPress (just go to Plugins… Lees verder »

Tweet Muncher

Description Tweet Muncher is a WordPress plugin that searches for a search term using the Twitter Search API and imports the results as posts hourly. Installation Upload the tweet-muncher directory… Lees verder »

oEmbed Internal Link

Description Easy internal link by oEmbed. This plugin maintained on GitHub. filter hooks example Filter for default template. ?php add_filter(“oembed-internal-link-template”, “my_template”); function my_template($template) { return ‘div class=”%class%”a href=”%post_url%”%post_thumb%/a/div’; } ?… Lees verder »

Blog Download

Description Plugin for downloading WordPress posts in PDF, DOC and HTML formats. Screenshots Select Download Format Download as PDF Download as Microsoft DOC file PDF Display Word Document Display. Installation… Lees verder »