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Description D(ifferent)P(lace) Simple Cache is a WordPress plugin to implement a simple cache of objects at session level. dpwpsimplecache provides a global variable $dpcache, which is an instantiation of the… Lees verder »

Douban Say for WordPress

Description 能显示自己豆瓣说的小插件,启用后在把“我的豆瓣说”小工具放到想要的位置,user改成自己的豆瓣id即可,实际效果请见我的blog的主页右上角小工具DOUBANSAY内容。 The widget can display the information of your douban say. the way to use is very sample. After active the plugin, you can find the widget “我的豆瓣说” and… Lees verder »

TTXML Importer

Description TTXML(티스토리/텍스트큐브 백업파일)의 내용을 워드프레스로 가져오는 Importer. Arbitrary section A brief Markdown Example Faq 용량이 큰 TTXML 파일도 가능한가요? 자신의 워드프레스 호스팅에 FTP 등으로 직접 업로드하여 복구하는 방식으로 가능합니다. Installation… Lees verder »


Description The Nextapp plugin allows you to make your blog go mobile. Once this plugin is installed all you have to do is create an app at and publish… Lees verder »

Empty Blog

Description Delete posts, pages, links, tags, and categories from your blog with one admin tool rather than having to handle deletion of all of these as separate actions. Select from… Lees verder » Quote Widget

Description Grab a quote from, display it. Has shortcode! [capitalp] Shortcode Template Tag [capitalp] or `get_capitalp_quote();` returns blockquotepThe Capital “P” in WordPress bis a horse designed by committee./b/ppcitea href=””… Lees verder »

PP Auto Thai Date

Description ปกติแล้ว WordPress จะไม่สามารถใช้งานวันที่ที่เป็นภาษาไทยได้ ปลั๊กอินตัวนี้จะช่วยแปลงวันที่ให้เป็นภาษาไทยครับ ปลั๊กอินนี้จะช่วยอะไรคุณบ้าง: ช่วยให้เว็บของคุณมีวัน เดือน ปี เป็นแบบไทย เดือน มกราคม – ธันวาคม ปีแปลงเพิ่มจาก คศ เป็น พศ เช่นปี 2012 เแปลงป็น 2555 ทุกอย่างเมื่อติดตั้งระบบจะแปลงให้โดยอัตโนมัติครับ ปลั๊กอินอื่นๆ PP Auto Thai URL ผู้ผู้ผลิตปลั๊กอิน PREUKSON.COM… Lees verder »

Contact Info Sanitizer

Description Removes email addresses, phone numbers, and website URLs from comments left by readers. Installation Upload santiize-contact-info.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress… Lees verder »


Description This plugin displays quotes from the classic movie “Airplane!” When activated you will randomly see a quote from “Airplane!” in the upper right of your admin screen on every… Lees verder »

Baidu Tongji generator

Description Add baidu Tracker JavaScript to each page on your wordpress blog. 此插件将百度统计代码安装到wordpress,支持宽松的格式校验,保证安装代码格式正确, 简单易上手,可设置开启和关闭统计、管理页面跟踪。 Screenshots setting from 百度统计 This is the second screen shot screenshot-1.(png|jpg|jpeg|gif) Faq A question that someone… Lees verder »

Add Contributor

Description Used to allow admin and editor user role to create contributor role’d users License Copyright 2010 – 2014 Joe Boydston, Don Kukral This program is free software; you can… Lees verder »

Cute Captcha

Description This is my first WordPress plugin that i made it for personal use and to learn how to build plugins. This plugin replaces the submit button on the post… Lees verder »

Category Post

Description This plugin adds “Add New” by Categories in admin menu. Screenshots screenshot-1.png Installation Download the file to your computer. Unzip the file. Upload the category-post directory to your… Lees verder »

Admin Menu Width

Description This plugin allows you to scale width of admin menu Known Issues / Bugs Uninstall Deactivate the plugin That’s it! 🙂 Installation Copy the admin-menu-width directory into your wp-content/plugins… Lees verder »

QQ Avatar

Description Replace Gravatar while commenter use QQ numeric email address.如果用户使用数字QQ邮箱留言且公开空间头像,就替换成QQ头像。 Installation Upload the plugin to your blog, Activate it. You’ve done it ! Changelog 0.3.5 BugFIX:check file exit before deletion… Lees verder »

Specific Category PN Link

Description Write out the article about a specific category link. “特定カテゴリのみの前後リンク”を出力します。 Arbitrary section more detail. 詳しくはプラグインのページを参照 Installation Upload SpecificCategoryPNLink folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the… Lees verder »