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Whats This

Description WhatsThis Tooltip plugin. Kiss your old tooltip goodbye! View all our premium WordPress Plugins and Themes: Requires WordPress 3.0+ and PHP 5. Easily attach a tooltip with symbol… Lees verder »

Stop ACTA Ribbon

Description A black ribbon with the words “Stop ACTA” will be put on in the top left corner of your website, linking to the website. If you want to… Lees verder »


Description Twitter uses short URLs in all tweets. All links will be forcedly converted into domain which is ugly, troublesome and blocked in my hometown China (Damned). This… Lees verder »

EL Banners

Description This plugin allow you to create widgets which will show banners, links or any other code from specified folder or file into a sidebar automatically. A widget will show… Lees verder »


Description Conferencer is a WordPress plugin for creating rich conference websites. Find more information at Faq Why don’t you have any FAQ? We’ve not had any questions frequently asked… Lees verder »

No Soup

Description If you want to block certain sections of the internet, companies, countries or specific users, you can specify the different IP addresses or IP blocks and where to send… Lees verder »

Tweet Manager

Description Create Your Own Custom Twitter Application and Publish to Your Twitter account. Plugin creates a Custom Post Type called ‘tweets’ where you can save commonly used messages with links… Lees verder »

Stop ACTA Ribbon

Description A black ribbon with the words “Stop ACTA” will be put on in the top right corner of your website, linking to the Stop ACTA website. Look at the… Lees verder »


Description Use the shortcode [countdown] to create a countdown system. Installation This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working. Upload ‘countdown’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory Activate… Lees verder »

Twerrific Lite

Description A sweet and little WordPress plugin that allows you to link any twitter ID along with the URL of the Twitter profile. Screenshots A post contains a few Twitter… Lees verder »

Upload to Dropbox

Description Let users upload documents to your Dropbox folder. Author url – Faq All explanations step by step are here: Installation Simple: Descompress the file Upload the directory… Lees verder »

UK Theatre Web

Description This plugin provides access to UK Theatre Web’s unique database of what’s on information for the UK. Specialising in live performance (theatre, opera, dance, concerts) and exhibitions. The data… Lees verder »


Description With this tiny plugin you can show plugins stats for any wordpress contributor from Faq How can I submit a bug? Write me to, please, it’s the… Lees verder »


Description Freehosting Endora poskytuje hostování webů zdarma. Jedna z podmínek je umístit reklamní patu. Pro lepší začlenění do designu byl vytvořen tento plugin, který dokáže reklamu vložit na předem určené… Lees verder »


Description [See English version below] Данный модуль добавляет Real-time систему комментирования Cackle, позволяющую публиковать комментарий авторизовавшись через популярные социальные сети: ВКонтакте, Одноклассники, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Мой Мир, Яндекс, LinkedIn, Live… Lees verder »


Description Admium lets you sell subscriptions to your site and offer perks to subscribers, such as removing ads or providing subscriber-only content. We process subscription payments for you, take a… Lees verder »

SEO Slugs 4 bbPress

Description The SEO Slugs 4 bbPress plugin removes common words like ‘a’, ‘the’, ‘in’ from post slugs to improve search engine optimization. For example, when you publish a post with… Lees verder »

Author Stats

Description Displays various metrics for a selected author License Copyright 2010 – 2012 Joe Boydston, Don Kukral This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under… Lees verder »