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Description ■バージョン2.1.0以前は下記にあります ■特徴 日本語に特化して他言語圏spamを高確率で排除します 1.ひらがなが含まれていない 2.日本語(2バイト以上の文字)が含まれていない 3.1行の文字数がN文字を超えている 4.連続した改行の合計がN個を超えている 5.URLが含まれている 6.NGワードが含まれている 7.URLがURIBLデータベースに登録されている 8.投稿者のIPがDNSBLデータベースに登録されている チェック項目を順位付けられ早期に判別した場合残りの検査をしない為、処理が早く終わります 1、2は日本語投稿で必ず出現する文字 3はspamはあまり改行せずに投稿することがあるため 4は他者の投稿を読ませない等の妨害で改行を多用するため 5はURLの誘導 6は禁止語句 7、8は公平外部登録ブラックリスト照会 6、7、8は処理に時間が掛かる為、検査の順位は下位を推奨 6、7、8は検査項目が多いとタイムアウトする可能性があるため簡易検査程度に留めてください Arbitrary section ■See also(DNSBL/URIBL) Barracuda Reputation Block List(… Lees verder »


Description Using this plugin you can create multiple carousel in pages or posts both vertical and horizontal , you can give links to each carousel images   following is list… Lees verder »

A Fresher Cache

Description A Fresher Cache adds an admin bar menu that gives easy access to functions that refresh (i.e, regenerate or invalidate) cached items. Out of the box, the plugin provides… Lees verder »

ClickSold IDX

Description ClickSold adds real estate related features to Agent and Brokerage websites built on WordPress. Features include: Adding / Displaying real estate listings Adding Team members / office agents Customizable… Lees verder »


Description Associate an individual post with one or more AngelList companies to automatically display company logo, summary, description, key people, and more after your post content. The plugin generates HTML… Lees verder »

Generic Export

Description Provides an interface for exporting a variety of data from your WordPress site.

Anything Popup

Description This is a simple plugin to display the content in to unblockable popup window. this popup window will open by clicking the button or link. Check official website for… Lees verder »


Description ViewMyBrowser is the leading browser sharing solution for WordPress. This plugin activates the awesome features of a remote support and co-browsing solution on your WordPress installation. Features: Your customers… Lees verder »

Stop Pinging Yourself

Description Stops a WordPress blog from pinging itself with pingbacks Updates Empty Faq Empty Installation To install the plugin, please upload the folder to your plugins folder and active the… Lees verder »

Redirect Source

Description Prints backtrace of call to wp_redirect(). Use this plugin to track why your website redirects unexpectedly somewhere and you do not know what plugin or WordPress function calls wp_redirect()…. Lees verder »


Description This widget provides a nice, optionally thumbnailed list of Zazzle products based on query parameters you configure it with, including the store, search terms and sorting mechanism. Unlike other… Lees verder »


Description Remove sidebar from JigoShop WordPress websites Shop page that uses Artisteer theme Installation Upload arti_jigo_nosidebar folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress