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Single Post Message

Description Single Post Message is a plugin that allows you to add custom messages, announcements, and notices to individual posts. It’s styled to grab the reader’s attention and will render… Lees verder »


Description gapHub-wp-directoryis a plugin to make your WordPress blog a membership driven site. Features: Create custom membership fields. Set your Field validation as you want. Action and filter hooks for… Lees verder »

AW Gallery

Description With this plugin you can create multiple galleries, all filed under “Gallery” page. Very easy to use, just install, and start adding galleries in your Gallery section in admin…. Lees verder »

.shtml on PAGES

Description Appends .shtml to the URL of PAGES when using pretty permalinks Check out more information here Installation Upload shtml-on-pages.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the… Lees verder »

Shopp (nl)

Description Shopp 1.2.8 This plugin requires the Shopp plugin Developers ./update-pot shopp ./update-pot shopp ~/Sites/ ./download-po shopp 1.2.8 ./update-mo shopp Links Pronamic Remco Tolsma Markdown’s Syntax Documentation Pronamic plugins Pronamic… Lees verder »

QR-code on page

Description Author: webislife Project URI: License: GPLv2. See License below for copyright jots and tittles. Adds QR-code on page. Help to navigate for mobile user. License The “QR-code on… Lees verder »

He’s Dead, Jim

Description Do you like the idea behind Matt’s “Hello, Dolly” plugin, but feel that it doesn’t feed your inner nerd? Then here’s “He’s Dead, Jim” which has been shamelessly ported… Lees verder »

Personal Email

Description This light-weight plugin changes the default email address that WordPress uses to send emails to the one set in Settings General. Also changes the sending name to the… Lees verder »


Description This plugin takes tweets from public profile and posts to Plugin stores last 50 tweets. New tweets are checked every 10 minytes (depends on WP-Cron) and every time… Lees verder »

sanitize image name

Description this couple of filter functions allow to upload image files with only numbers in the filename, avoiding the ‘attachment’ in the URL. ie: instead of Installation Upload… Lees verder »

The Simplest Favicon

Description This plugin adds a favicon link to the document head section. There are no options. The link is always added when the plugin is enabled. The favicon.ico file needs… Lees verder »

Plugin Name: JiaThis分享工?

Description = 加网SMO工? ?? 是什么? 加网SMO工? ?? 集合了是稳步提升网站流量和搜索引擎排名的WEB2.0工? ?!为方便广大站长一键使用JiaThis分享、友荐推荐及友言评论工? ?,特别推出的一键安? 工? ?? ,站长只需下载该插件? ,即可同时安? 分享、社会化推荐和社会化评论三大插件。 = 谁在使用加网SMO工? ?? ? = ? 过80万网站正在使用JiaThis分享工? ?,20万网站正在使用友荐推荐工? ?,3万网站正在使用友言评论工? ?,国? 几乎所有的大网站在使用社会化工? ?。到三大工? ?的官网看看谁在使用吧! = 为什么使用加网SMO工?… Lees verder »

WP CN Excerpt

Description WordPress高级摘要插件。支持在后台设置摘要长度,摘要最后的显示字符,以及允许哪些html标记在摘要中显示。 在摘要中支持HTML标签的显示; 自动裁剪的摘要功能; 优化算法,让截取结果更易读; 可以自己定制摘要的长度和省略号的显示; “阅读全文” 标签会被自动的添加(可选); 摘要长度是真实的内容的长度(不包含HTML标签); 主题开发者可以使用the_advanced_excerpt()方法进行更多的控制。 这个插件可以完美的支持自动中文摘要,而且不局限于生成中文摘要,所有的UNICODE字符都支持。 设置: “控制面板” “中文摘要设置” Installation 1,下载插件上传到/wp-content/plugins/目录后台启用即可 2,后台“插件”-“安装插件”-搜索框输入:”wp cn experct”-安装启用即可 Changelog 4.4.2 bugfix 4.4.1 bugfix 4.4.0 “阅读全文”支持自定义模板 重构部分代码 bugfix 4.3.0 重构截取算法,更友好的结果… Lees verder »


Description Detector is a simple, PHP- and JavaScript-based browser- and feature-detection library that can adapt to new devices browsers on its own without the need to pull from a central… Lees verder »

Shopp SEO Glue

Description Important! Please note that this plugin is not actively maintained. No further work is planned and it will not receive bug fixes. Any developers from the Shopp community interested… Lees verder »