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Description Automatically keep the remote picture to the local, and automatically generate thumbnails. 自动保持远程图片到本地,并且自动生成缩略图。 详情: Arbitrary section 1 Screenshots 后台截图1 后台截图2 Installation 可以通过以下两种方法的其中一种来安装DX-auto-save-images插件: 将下载的文件解压缩,然后将dx-auto-save-images文件夹 上传到 /wp-content/plugins/目录,在插件后台启用 直接在后台-安装插件,搜索’dx-auto-save-images’,按照提示安装启用 Changelog 1.4.0 支持wordpress3.5… Lees verder »

CrossFade Gallery

Description Image gallery for WordPress with classic crossfade effect Installation Upload crossfade gallery folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress Place ?php if(function_exists(‘crossfade_gallery’))… Lees verder »

Ayat Al-Quran

Description Ayat Al-Quran display Random Ayat Al-Quran in Indonesian. Installation Upload plugin-name.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress Drag and Drop the Widget… Lees verder »

TC Specify Search Form

Description By default, the “Search” widget in WordPress will include the searchform.php template file in your theme (if it exists), or the search code in wp-includes/general-template.php (if it doesn’t). However,… Lees verder »

Nginx Helper

Description Removes index.php from permalinks when using WordPress with nginx. Adds support for purging redis-cache when used as full-page cache created using nginx-srcache-module Adds support for nginx fastcgi_cache_purge proxy_cache_purge directive… Lees verder »


Description This plugin uses the Leaflet JavaScript library and tiles from the Open MapQuest project to display beautiful maps of GPX tracks. Credits Icons from the Map Icons Collection…. Lees verder »

Endora Lite

Description Freehosting Endora poskytuje hostování webů zdarma. Jedna z podmínek je umístit reklamní patu. Pro lepší začlenění do designu byl vytvořen tento plugin, který dokáže reklamu vložit na předem určené… Lees verder »


Description Automatic timing post. 自动批量定时发布文章。 1、能够自动批量定时发布wordpress站点的草稿文章,无需每篇文章都手动设置定时发布时间,大大提高了工作效率。 2、能够自定义定时发布文章的时间间隔。 3、可选择按ID升序或随机发布草稿文章。 详情: Arbitrary section 1 Screenshots 后台截图 Installation 可以通过以下两种方法的其中一种来安装DX-auto-publish插件: 将下载的文件解压缩,然后将dx-auto-publish文件夹 上传到 /wp-content/plugins/目录,在插件后台启用 直接在后台-安装插件,搜索’DX-auto-publish’,按照提示安装启用 Changelog 1.0 发布dx-auto-publish插件 1.1 修复自动发布文章时会过滤html标签的一些属性代码 1.2 修复bug

Disable XML-RPC

Description Pretty simply, this plugin disables the XML-RPC API on a WordPress site running 3.5 or above. Beginning in 3.5, XML-RPC is enabled by default. Additionally, the option to disable/enable… Lees verder »

Dashboard Option Menu Customize

Description Hide the options and help. Change the display to a different user role. 日本語でのご説明 このプラグインは、ダッシュボードの表示オプションとお知らせのタブを ユーザーの権限別に非表示にすることができるプラグインです。 Screenshots Interface in setting Dashboard screen Faq A question that someone might have… Lees verder »

Special Title

Description This plugin allow user to customize post title by adding at the end of the post title a image which is chosen by user. Installation Upload special-title folder to… Lees verder »

Text Stats

Description Text Statistics shows several statistics to posts: Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease, Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level, Gunning Fog Score, Coleman Liau Index, Smog Index, Automated Readability Index… it uses the amazing class… Lees verder »

Horizontal Rule Widget

Description Insert hr (horizontal rule) tag to widget area. This plugin maintained on GitHub. Translators Japanese(ja) – Takayuki Miyauchi Please contact to me. (en) (ja) @miya0001 on twitter…. Lees verder »

Count Children

Description This plugin allows you to dynamically return the number of children for a particular page. Inserting [children page=”page-slug”] in a post or page, or ?php do_shortcode(‘children page=”page-slug” ‘); ?… Lees verder »