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Hello Gandhi

Description Description: Not just a plugin, this plugin echos the hope and insight of a generationial thinker and pays homage to the bundled plugin included in every WordPress version I’ve… Lees verder »

Comment Tweets

Description Occasionally, readers will respond to your posts via tweets which is awesome, but when this happens, it’s tough log the conversation between post comments and the various tweets. This… Lees verder »


Description This plugin adds embedable code underneath an uploaded image into posts. Currently it is restricted to image mime types, but functionality may be expanded in the future. Upon upload… Lees verder »


Description create a Submission page, allowing visitors through the page shortcut Contributor. 创建一个投稿页面,允许匿名用户在线快捷投稿。 详情请浏览: Arbitrary section 1 Screenshots 后台截图 页面显示 Installation 可以通过以下两种方法的其中一种来安装DX-Contribute 插件: 将下载的文件解压缩,然后将dx-contribute文件夹 上传到 /wp-content/plugins/目录,在插件后台启用 直接在后台-安装插件,搜索’dx-contribute’,按照提示安装启用 Changelog 1.4.0 过滤提交表单的html等代码,提高插件安全性… Lees verder »


Description Ce plugin WordPress vous permet d’envoyer des SMS à vos membres (ou à des numéros saisis manuellement) directement depuis l’administration de votre site WordPress. Il vous permet également de… Lees verder »

News Keywords

Description Adds the Google-specific metatag “news_keywords” with Post Tags into wp_head() to improve your chances of appearing in Google search results for relevant queries. See also 🙂 Faq Are… Lees verder »

Eval PHP

Description With this plugin can added native PHP code within article and blog data. For logged-in user PHP error messages are shown for debugging the PHP code. Each code block… Lees verder »

Saphali Woocommerce Russian

Description WooCommerce Russian! WooCommerce по-русски! Русскоязычные функциональные дополнения для Woocommerce – специально для русского рынка. Интегрирует в магазин: Русский интерфейс. Важное замечание! Мы более не исправляем русский перевод в плагине… Lees verder »

My Tips

Description My Tips是一款让您能亲轻而易举地为您的WordPress添加气泡提示的插件。 My Tips is a plugin that make you get your blog Bubble Tiped easily. 使用它的理由: The reason of why you use it: 无需修改任何文件; NO FILE need to… Lees verder »

Email CoAuthor On Post

Description This plugin solves a missing feature in WordPress. This missing feature is the ability to email the subject or co-author of the blog post when the post which they… Lees verder »