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Reusable Contents

Description Some contents and information must appear at different places of blog or web site, you need to copy/paste and duplicate contents, “Reusable Contents” helps you to control all in… Lees verder »

Voce Widget Cache

Description This plugin does not cache widgets automatically! You must define which widgets get cached. Add a widget to the cache and designate which actions the cache gets flushed on…. Lees verder »


Description Automatically add a picture watermark, can select text or pictures are two types. 自动给图片添加水印,可选择文本或图片两种类型。 详情: Arbitrary section 1 Screenshots 后台截图1 后台截图2 Installation 可以通过以下两种方法的其中一种来安装DX-Watermark插件: 将下载的文件解压缩,然后将dx-watermark文件夹 上传到 /wp-content/plugins/目录,在插件后台启用 直接在后台-安装插件,搜索’dx-watermark’,按照提示安装启用 Changelog 1.0.4… Lees verder »


Description Plugin provides shorttag [bsdownloads] to insert list of file download links into generated HTML content. Known Issues / Bugs Uninstall Deactivate the plugin That’s it! 🙂 Installation Install and… Lees verder »

Text to Speech

Description Javascript tool for transforming the text into speech. Based on eSpeak code made by Jonathan Duddington. Relevant links: Installation Extract and upload to the… Lees verder »


Description 同步博客插件目前只提供给付费用户使用,是从 WordPress连接微博专业版 早期版本的“同步博客”项目剥离出来的插件。 最新的WordPress连接微博专业版V3.3 版本还包括同步到豆瓣日记、Tumblr等。 插件页面: 新浪微博: @水脉烟香 Installation Upload the wp-blog folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress. Configure the settings… Lees verder »

ADN Profile

Description Creates a widget to display your status. Also serves as a sample application for accessing and updating data in Screenshots Configure the widget. Get your Access Token…. Lees verder »

Tabs popular posts and latest posts

Description Check official website for live demo Live Demo More information User Comments This is a jquery based lightweight plugin to create a new wordpress tabbed widget to display… Lees verder »


Description Create web forms and manage submission. Drag-and-drop the form elements to create your professional looking form. Arbitrary section A brief Markdown Example Screenshots Creating form Form view Submissions Faq… Lees verder »


Description This plugin converts text representations of musical “accidental” symbols into actual symbols. Type them into pages and blog posts like this: A-flat A-sharp A-natural A-double-flat A-double-sharp Displaying the symbols… Lees verder »

Get User Role

Description This plugin doesn’t do anything on the surface but if you call the get_user_role() function then you can achieve one of two results. Function Returns the role of the… Lees verder » Widget

Description Widget додатокот ги прикажува најпопуларните и најнови блог написи од блоговите кои ги агрегира Screenshots Блогираме.мк виџет Installation Прикачете го „BlogirameMK“ директориумот во „/wp-content/plugins“. Активирајте го додатокот…. Lees verder »


Description Display lyrics of Eason Chen just like “hello Dolly” on the top of admin page. Just 4 fun. 受你好多莉启发,在后台正上方随机显示一句陈奕迅的歌词。 纯属娱乐。 Feedback Screenshots screenshot-1.jpg Faq No questions Installation To… Lees verder »


Description ?????????е????дʣ??Դ????ִʵ????ݿ⣬֧???Զ??????ݿ?????????ʽ?? Filter sensitive word in the comments, and comes with nine term database support for custom database and regular expressions. Faq Not found Installation Upload to the /wp-content/plugins/… Lees verder »

bbPress Beta Tester

Description Lets you easily upgrade to the latest trunk version of bbPress from your WordPress admin. Installation Place the ‘bbpress-beta-tester’ folder in your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory. Activate it. Go to Dashboard-Upgrade… Lees verder »

Tweet Collection

Description This plugin collect tweets from specified Twitter account. Post_type of collected tweets will be ‘tweet’ so that normal posts and tweets will not be mixed. The purpose of this… Lees verder »

Spiffy Calendar

Description Manage and display your events with multiple views, color-coded categories, recurrence, widgets, shortcodes, and a responsive calendar. The premium Bonus Add-Ons supplements the plugin with additional themes, customizer support,… Lees verder »