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aoringo TAG upper

Description Automatically set the tag of the article. Arbitrary section 1 Faq A question that someone might have An answer to that question. Installation Upload Aoringo_tag_upper Directory to the /wp-content/plugins/… Lees verder »

aoringo CAT setter

Description Automatically set the Category of the article. Arbitrary section 1 Faq A question that someone might have An answer to that question. Installation Upload Aoringo_cat_setter Directory to the /wp-content/plugins/… Lees verder »

Pinterest Pin Shortcode

Description Features easy pin insert with only its url specified; Usage [pin url=] Installation Upload pinterest-pin-shortcode.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress Use… Lees verder »

Content Bootstrap

Description Apply twitter bootstrap css under the content area only. This plugin is maintained on GitHub. Some features Applies twitter bootstrap css to the content. Add style button to Visual… Lees verder » Widget

Description Show photos from a feed Title: Widget title Hide Title: Show or hide the widget title Feed: URL of feed Timeout: How long, in seconds (600 =… Lees verder »


Description Apparition! shows you specific category of links at the admin bar! Just check the link categories at admin page. 여러분이 지정한 링크를 어드민바에 보여줄 수 있어요. Official Page :… Lees verder »

bbPress Post Ratings

Description Offers buttons to up-/downrate posts and calculates user ratings based on their posts. Developed for: Installation This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working…. Lees verder »

bbPress Direct Quotes

Description Adds a “Quote” link to each post, which inserts its content (inside of a blockquote) to the reply textfield. Developed for: Installation This section describes how to install… Lees verder »


Description RiveCraft permet d’unir votre serveur Minecraft et votre site/blog WordPress à l’aide de JSONAPI. Pour plus d’information, cliquez ici Faq / Installation Vous devez tout d’abord installer le plugin… Lees verder »

Swift Mailer

Description Loads the Swift Mailer library into WordPress and nothing more. See for more information. This plugin was created to provide a reliable way to update the core Swift… Lees verder »

Sina Weibo Like Button 新浪微博赞按钮

Description Adds Sina Weibo Like button on your site. A must-have plugin if your site visitors are mainly from China. 使用微博「赞」按钮,将生成的代码放置到你的博客、网站或其它支持HTML的位置,让你的用户轻松表达态度。当用户在您的站点上某个网页点击了赞按钮后,同时会同步一条包含网页内容的动态信息到微博显示。 Open Graph plugin by @willnorris is included in this… Lees verder »

WP Bootstrap Menu

Description WP Bootstrap Menu convert wordpress nav menu style to Twitter Bootstrap [] navmenu style. You can join to WP Bootstrap Menu developing [] . Compatible with Bootstrap 2.2.2 and… Lees verder »

Places WP Lite

Description Places WP is the most popular wordpress plugin to enable places support into your wordpress website/blog. It enables your app to collect users location from HTML based browser’s location… Lees verder »


Description A light-weight plugin to change WordPress admin style into its own dark color scheme. Screenshots BossAdmin Faq No question yet. No answer yet. Installation Upload the /bossadmin/ folder to… Lees verder »