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Minimum Version

Description Looks at all your plugins on your site and determines the minimum WordPress version that each one needs to run. The following limitations are currently in place: * Only… Lees verder »

Eazyest Slides

Description Eazyest Slides adds the following gallery viewers to WordPress: Responsive Gallery with Thumbnail Carousel. Transform WordPress gallery to a responsive image gallery with a thumbnail carousel using Elastislide. Based… Lees verder »

百度云附件 BCS-Support

Description 该插件支持使用百度云存储BCS作为附件存储空间。 This is a plugin that use Baidu Cloud Storage(BCS) for attachments remote saving. 在百度BAE上支持xmlrpc。 Support xmlrpc on Baidu App Engine(BAE). 详见 For more details, please visit Github开源项目:… Lees verder »

Search Refinement

Description The searching is narrow down a search depends on custom field you saved. So, it’s basically avoid a not found. You’d like to use in widgets. Installation Install automatically… Lees verder »

Remove Paragraph Tag

Description This Plugin Removes paragraph tag from around your images which WordPress puts by default. Screenshots Installation Copy the “remove-p-tag-around-image” folder into wp-content/plugins Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu… Lees verder »

Debug Bar Hook Log

Description Adds a new tab to Debug Bar that displays the hooks that were called during the page request. You can live-filter the hooks that are displayed to hide noisy… Lees verder »

PROPER Shortcodes

Description Shortcodes are very useful little snippets that output special content in specific places using your post editor. PROPER Shortcodes adds these blocks functionality to your WordPress install. This plugin… Lees verder »

Show Your Pages

Description This plugin provide you one widget to display pages hierarchy and one action to list your pages and their excerpt. Installation to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin… Lees verder »

Brickset API

Description This plugin is an implementation of the Brickset Webservice. It includes methods to get LEGO® set and theme data from Brickset as well as pre-formated methods to display set… Lees verder »

Gist Embed

Description Inspired by the script written by Blair Vanderhoof, this plugin allows you to input gist files directly into your WordPress posts using a jQuery callback. Currently supports: * Showing… Lees verder »

DeMomentSomTres Shortcodes

Description This plugin provides shortcodes that manage multi column layouts. Provides the following shortcodes [one_half], [one_third], [two_thirds], [one_fourth], [three_fourths], [one_fifth], [two_fifth], [three_fifth], [four_fifth], [one_sixth], [five_sixth] and also the same with… Lees verder »

Voyage Plus

Description Voyage Plus was created to incorporate theme-independent features: Ad Unit Shortcode: [ad] Reponsive Grid Columns shortcode that strickly follows grid system: [column] Post Content Shortcode: [post-content] action hooks to… Lees verder »

Better @ Reply

Description This plugin allows you to add Twitter-like @reply links to comments. Shows old comment after hover on link. Screenshots Screenshot for hover insertion of older comment text Faq How… Lees verder »


Description Link shortener and protector. Integrates with your website. Fully compatible with any WordPress 3 version where you and your users will be able to generate urlat_in protected links… Lees verder »

Bolo Avatar

Description Allow users upload a avatar, easy to use. 使用户能够上传自己的头像,使用非常简单。 本人提供 WordPress 插件开发服务,QQ:191227790 Faq A question that someone might have An answer to that question. Installation Upload bolo-avatar to the… Lees verder »