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Description Sync your new blog to wbto platform automatically 自动把你的新文章同步到微博通,支持标题+内容截断+抓取图像+更新不同步. Feedback Screenshots /assets/screenshot-1.jpg Faq No questions Installation To install: 直接在后台安装插件→上传→选择wbto.zip即可 Changelog 1.2 *修正1.1的错误! 1.0 plugin created


Description Enabling this plugin allows you to set up Basic authentication on your site using your WordPress’s user name and password. It is very useful for setting up Basic authentication… Lees verder »

show QR post image

Description /* Plugin Name: iYannis show QR post image Description: automatically generate a QR code for your posts with this [show_QR_image] shortcode Version: 1.0.9 Author: iYannis Author URI: */… Lees verder »


Description Allows you to create, manage, and send proposals to prospective clients. Uses Foundation ( for base stylesheet meaning your proposals, regardless of theme, will be responsive. If you have… Lees verder »

WordPress Seasons

Description If you ever wished to automatically modify portions of text depending on the season, this very simple plugin will do the job for you. Just go to ‘Settings’ and… Lees verder »


Description This is the WordPress plugin for the “Open-Source-Blog-Netzwerk” ( It brings a sidebar widget with some general information about the OSBN and a list of current articles. Furthermore it… Lees verder »


Description Mobile plugin for optimized mobile experience on BuddyPress sites. Notes Screenshots Activity Stream Profile Installation Automatic Installation From inside your WordPress administration panel, visit ‘Plugins – Add New’ Search… Lees verder »


Description A simple plugin to show client ip and location.

MW Google Maps

Description MW Google Maps adds google maps in your post easy. Shortcode [mw-google-maps] Map of this post has been displayed. [mw-google-maps zoom=”18″] Map that zoom level is 18. [mw-google-maps id=”352″]… Lees verder »