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User Activity

Description Get an overview of how active your users has been during a specified time period. This plugin will list all the users, the number of posts/pages they have created… Lees verder »

MW Auth

Description This plugin allows only users to authenticate to WordPress. Subscriber can’t see dashboad. Subscriber can’t see Admin Bar. Add ‘Disallow: /’ in robots.txt このプラグインはWordPressで認証されたユーザーのみ許可します。 ・「購読者」はダッシュボードに入れないようにします。 ・「購読者」には管理バーを表示しません。 ・robots.txt に ‘Disallow:… Lees verder »


Description 这款WordPress必聊网插件是针对WordPress程序、必聊网在线客服调用而开发的,此插件可以管理必聊网在线客服部件。 插件的安装非常简单,不需要繁琐的步骤,安装这款插件后,可以将必聊网的Widget放置到页面的合适位置后,会在页面中展示一个在线客服层窗口,方便网站访客和座席人员沟通,提升销售量。 使用须知 使用插件您需要一个必聊网站点ID。 插件页面 Screenshots ** 坐席在线截图 ** – 插件可以在页面上自由拖拽和缩放。 ** 坐席离线截图 ** – 离线信息通过邮件发送给坐席人员。 Faq 如何使用插件? 插件提供了必聊网 Widget。 进入后台管理界面。 输入有效的站点ID,点击保存按钮,自动启用插件。 进入前台,页面会出现必聊网在线客服小部件,如果您想定制化自己的插件,请进入 。 Installation 您可以通过 WordPress 在线安装或者下载插件压缩包进行安装。下面分别进行说明:… Lees verder »


Description Description: Showguests is a plugin for showing the newest quests on your blog. Please visit for more information. Screenshots As a Widget. As a page. Faq wordpress插件最新访客showguests 1.0发布… Lees verder »

Resize Editor

Description Resize post editor width. Arbitrary section 投稿エディタ横幅を指定サイズで表示します。 Screenshots set editor width resize post editor width Installation Upload resize-editor directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu… Lees verder »

POV Sliders

Description This plugin was created out of necessity for a project where we had to set some content to be “featured”. The client was unhappy with marking posts as “sticky”… Lees verder »

Description is a groundbreaking user engagement WordPress Plugin for the mobile web. It provides web publishers with powerful extensions that significantly enhance the user experience and engagement with respect… Lees verder »

SchoolTube Shortcode

Description This plugin uses the [schooltube][/schooltube] shortcode to grab the iframe embed code from This plugin does NO error checking yet I.e. it will accept (and fail, possibly miserably)… Lees verder »

Cached l10n

Description Upon inspection using xhProf, I realized that the PHP implementation loading the MO files is really slow. From my tests, about 25% to 40% of the time WordPress spends… Lees verder »

Ultimate Modal

Description Displays a modal on your WordPress site, configuring the contents with an editor. Check the Screenshots for examples. Credits jquery.cookie by Klaus Hartl Icon by Victor Erixon License Ultimate… Lees verder »

Tagged Gallery

Description Tagged Gallery enables you to easily generate a gallery in any post or page based on tagged media. Useage Tag a image in your media library. For this example… Lees verder »

Slick Write

Description This extension makes it easier to proof your writing with the Slick Write web service. Analyze your work’s flow, check for the passive voice, eliminate unnecessary adverbs, and much… Lees verder »


Description This plugin gives you a professional way to share your files through wordpress. After installation you’ll find SharePro icon on wordpress editor. By clicking SharePro icon a modal form… Lees verder »