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Description The Redlink plug-in provides your blog with a growing list of semantic web features: A shortcode to generate an annotation form where you can type text and see the… Lees verder »

PPM Tooltip

Description PPM Accordion by This plugin will enable tooltip in your WordPress theme. Plugin Features Very Lightweight. Only 10KB. Easy to use. Customizable. Live Preview: Screenshots Tooltip in… Lees verder »

PPM Accordion

Description PPM Accordion by This plugin will add an expand collapse accordion feature inside a post or page. Plugin Features Shortcode System TinyMCE Button added for generating Shortcode. Very… Lees verder »

WooCommerce Webpay Gateway Chilean

Description This plugin enables to pay with webpay plus ( Chile ) in Woocommerce Wiki Home : Más información sovre webpay : Ya ha sido bastante tiempo en… Lees verder »

Visitors Info

Description Plugin shows a popup for your website visitors to fill some information (i.e. name, email, city, state) on first visit. Also enables admin to review users that came to… Lees verder »


Description Tab-Me allows you to structure your content in tabs by using [tab] shortcodes. See Installation and screenshots for instructions. Screenshots This is what the final product looks like: screenshot-1.png… Lees verder »

MP6 Light

Description This plugin is my first attempt at making the MP6 Plugin have a lighter theme. It requires that the MP6 Plugin be installed and active. WARNING: Like MP6 this… Lees verder »

Slider You-n v 1.2

Description A simple and full customizable WordPress plugin for slideshow, responsive version included Credits Includes BlockUI (, Cycle (, File uploader (, Timthumb ( Screenshots Description of Plugin. screenshot-1.jpg Configuration,… Lees verder »


Description WooMobile enables you to access your WooCommerce shop on the go using the WooMobile iPhone App – available in the App Store. WooMobile: WooMobile Lite (free): Features… Lees verder »