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Description This is simple shortcode to embed responsive iframe to your post. Iframe will hold the specified ratio when page is rescaled. [rframe ratio=”16×9″ src=”” width=”60%” /] How it Works… Lees verder »


Description AnsiLove is a plugin which uses the free AnsiLove library from Frederic Cambus (MIT). This plugin will enable you to upload ANSI files to your media folder. The ANSI… Lees verder »

Curiyo Links

Description Curiyo gives users a dynamic and comprehensive dive into any topic in your story, connecting your content to reference data, emerging insights and captivating social media. It resolves the… Lees verder »


Description A simple shortcode to shuffle the chars in a string. (See str_shuffle) How to Use the shortcode: [strshuffle]Your text[/strshuffle] to shuffle the contained string. The output could be something… Lees verder »

Description The plugin allows you to integrate a player widget from into your WordPress Blog by using a WordPress shortcodes. this is how it works: [hearthis]http://[/hearthis] These Shortcodes… Lees verder »

Timber Debug Bar

Description Once installed, the Timber Debug Bar gives you access to the current template name, its absolute location on your server and the full contents of the context (array) sent… Lees verder »

SAPE Links

Description This plugin is in Russian language only. Что нового в версии 0.5 Возможность размещения ссылок в блочном виде — смотрите настройки виджета Правильный вывод счетчика sape отдельно от ссылок… Lees verder »

Gumroad Shortcode

Description This plugin integrates with by using their javascript modal view. On install, this plugin will include the JS required to load gumroad products on any page of your… Lees verder »

Widget Attributes

Description This plugin is intended to be used by theme authors that need to have custom attributes for the widgets so they can define common classes for similar widgets, etc…. Lees verder »