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Description Upload plugin-name.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install from the Plugin browser Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress Add shortcode to any page [veteranlogix_cron_job] This plugin… Lees verder »


Description GitSwag displays data from a Github account using Github’s public API. In order to avoid rate-limiting, it caches the JSON from the API locally, and refers to that whenever… Lees verder »


Description Twitwi, another simple Twitter Connect for WordPress. Only the basic : Login with a Twitter account Create a WordPress user Save locally on the server the Twitter picture’s profile… Lees verder »


Description Crowdclock is an Instant Appointment Solution. If your are a business owner wanting your clients to set appointments with you automatically without having have to answer phone calls, then… Lees verder »


Description Türkçe: Sayfa içerisinde resim,video ve metin gibi içerikleri rastgele olarak gösteren bir eklenti. Yönetim panelinden istediğiniz kategorileri ve içerikleri belirleyebilirsiniz. English: Plugin that shows image, video and text in… Lees verder »


Description Boobook, another simple Facebook Connect for WordpPess. Only the basic : Login with a Facebook account Create a WordPress user Save locally on the server the Facebook picture’s profile… Lees verder »

Post to Gist

Description This plugin provides the ability to save post into GitHub Gist every time a post is saved. Features Choose which post type is enabled. Saves post content as text… Lees verder »

Sau Contact

Description Please use any of these. The most popular contact form on WordPress. Recommended WordPress Plugins SB Paginate SB TBFA Need support If you want to get support, please visit… Lees verder »


Description Adds a Settings Options link to the options.php page. If you wanna contribute, pull requests on Developed by Mirco Babini, WordPress Consultant, Web Developer and Data Lover. Installation… Lees verder »

Admin Color Schemer

Description Create your own admin color scheme, right in the WordPress admin under the Tools menu. Go simple with the four basic colors, or get into the details and customize… Lees verder »

Bootstrap Column

Description Add Bootstrap columns to your widget areas. This widget gives a Title, an optional Icon and a Textarea along with column widths at the four Bootstrap break points. Any… Lees verder »