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Rel Nofollow

Description When a post is saved, the plugin adds the rel=”nofollow” attributes to post external links. The plugin also provides an apt checkbox to exclude a post from plugin’s action…. Lees verder »

DL IMGBanner Widget

Description Виджет использует медиабиблиотеку WordPress, что позволяет Вам просто загрузить или выбрать картинку, добавить заголовок, указать URL и сохранить. Удобно и просто Если вы хотите помочь в разработке этого плагина… Lees verder »

AI Code Highlight

Description The Code Highlighter Plugin uses Google Code Prettify Script to highlight your code. You don’t need programming skills to use’it. Simply press the button on editor toolbar and paste… Lees verder »


Description This plugin will help you collect the emails of your subscribers by adding a subscription form to your WordPress website! It allows you to connect your subscribers with your… Lees verder »

Custom Menu Fields

Description This plugin provides an API which allows the developer of a site to add custom fields on the default menu editor. Example Initialisation ?php add_action(‘init’, ‘menu_excerpt__add_menu_field’); function menu_excerpt__add_menu_field() {… Lees verder »


Description Add an “agree to terms” check box to your login, registration, or comment forms, requiring users to agree. Tested with BuddyPress and Multisite. WooCommerce extension available. Features Select your… Lees verder »

Wepay checkout options

Description Quick usage guide: Add this simple shortcode into your post or page like this: [wepay amount=”5″ title=”buy now” redirect=”” ] Wepay checkout options plugin can be used easily to… Lees verder »

Cackle Live Chat

Description Cackle Live Chat allows your visitors to communicate with your operators be logged through social networks so that operators will always have information about visitors: name, email, social network… Lees verder »