Maandelijks archief: juni 2014

Private Admin Bar

Description A simple way to makes your Admin Bar hidden for non-logged users but visible for you. You can also add the code to your functions.php if you don’t want… Lees verder »

Decorative Caps with Series

Description This plugin requires Organize Series by Darren Ethier (2.4.6 has been tested but other versions should work). It serves no purpose without it. If you need decorative caps functionality… Lees verder »


Description Allows developers to log variables, see the call stack, benchmark code; all to a logfile, so your page doesn’t get polluted with log messages. Each log message records the… Lees verder »

Content Engagement

Description Content Engagement is a plugin that will collect data on how users are engaging with your content and send it to your Google Analytics account. Once Analytics has processed… Lees verder »

Viewport Exchanger

Description This plugin is very simple.Exchang viewport by using jQuery jQuery Cookies. IF you installed, your responsive website can show PC view in mobile devices. Thanks for Using BlackFlag’s jQuery…. Lees verder »