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Description to integrate the site provides statistics information Faq Forum : Web: Installation After you install the plugin on your site from administration panel Enter your… Lees verder »


Description 이플러그인은 사용 중지 되었습니다. 새로운 플러그인 를 이용해 주세요. Screenshots Faq 이플러그인은 사용 중지 되었습니다. 새로운 플러그인 를 이용해 주세요. Installation 이플러그인은 사용 중지 되었습니다. 새로운 플러그인… Lees verder »


Description 该插件支持使用新浪云存储SCS作为附件存储空间。 This is a plugin that use Sina Cloud Storage(SCS) for attachments remote saving. 支持xmlrpc。 Support xmlrpc. 支持自定义上传路径。 Custom upload url supported. 详见 For more details, please visit…. Lees verder »


Description Protect your WordPress blog against image theft with Plaghunter. Plaghunter is a reverse image search that checks where your images are being used online. This plugin lets you add… Lees verder »

Trippy Places

Description As you write, Trippy can find towns, restaurants, attraction, hotels and more. Screenshots Add places within your post. Faq Installation Instructions Installation is easy. e.g. Upload the easy-maps folder… Lees verder »

Wizhi Optimization

Description For English users Clean up remove useless dashboard widget clean up content remove useless topbar menu remove dashboard google font,resolved the slow dashboard problem in China clean up menu… Lees verder »

Simple Custom Vote

Description Simple Custom Voteはシンプルな投票プラグインです。 投票機能の提供のみを目的としているので、利用する際は要件に応じたカスタマイズ性の高い実装を施すことが可能です。 Simple Custom Voteは以下の機能を提供します。 任意の投票項目の作成 ショートコードによる投票ボタンの実装 Simple Custom Vote is a simple voting plugin. This plugin is provided to those functions. Create custom vote item. Implementation… Lees verder »


Description ClickHome is a leading solution for residential construction companies. It covers the full range of residential construction building company processes, from the first point of contact with the client,… Lees verder »

Wizhi Submenus

Description For English user Display page`s subpage and taxonomy terms belongs to a post type in sidebar。 Note:This plugin require php 5.4+, recommend use php 5.6 中文用户 在侧边栏显示某个页面的子页面列表或隶属于某个文章类型下面的自定义分类项目列表。 联系方式… Lees verder »

SureGifts WooCommerce

Description Integrates SureGifts gift card codes with your store’s coupon/discount field on cart/checkout page Screenshots screenshot-1.png Faq Do I need to be a registered merchant with Yes How do… Lees verder »

Radio VERA

Description This widget displays player radio VERA, Russian-language only. С помощью этого простого плагина вы можете быстро организовать онлайн трансляцию православного радио «Вера» на своем сайте. Плагин добавляет к виджетам… Lees verder »


Description Automatically push pricing plans created in Nurego to your WordPress generated site.This plugin allows users have pricing plans from their Nurego accounts automatically pushed to their WordPress generated sites…. Lees verder »


Description GuideMe is a simple and easy to use plugin that allows you to create helpful tips for site admins. You can select any post types or taxonomies to create… Lees verder »

WP Baidu Map

Description 真搞不明白为什么那么多人把针对百度搜索引擎的网站地图插件叫做 WordPress 百度地图插件,那么叫的话,让真正的WordPress百度地图插件情何以堪啊? 重要提示: 1.2.2 版为重要更新,否则将因百度地图ak过度调用而随时无法使用。 使用 设置百度地图ak 在 百度的相关页面 免费申请地图ak,可以创建多个地图应用,每个应用一个ak,填入主文件的下面的数组: public static $myAks = [ ‘uTnsDeLMYe3OM7cALx04ay****’, ‘v4jcHfzIMeNxC1s5qtreQA****’, ‘SD1bB49aZuyowudZQDcxgs****’, ‘PTkBaXwQPGr9lGkWA470Wy****’, ‘svf0p9LTe9VTM8NTTF0MgH****’, ]; 以上为测试AK,随时失效,你应该申请自己的百度地图ak了! 插入地图 支持以两种方式插入百度地图: 可使用编辑器右上方的地图按钮插入地图(支持输入地址后,解析为百度地图的坐标),输入完成后,点击插入,可以在插入按钮上面的文本栏中看到短代码, 你可以把这个短代码用在任何想用的页面,或者,再点击下插入按钮,它就插入到当前文章/页面中了。 你也可使用短代码自行插入地图: 在你想调用百度地图的地方使用短代码调用百度地图,示例:… Lees verder »

Slider Gallery

Description A responsive slider gallery plugin for wordpress Installation Upload Slider-Gallery to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the \\’Plugins\\’ menu in WordPress


Description Plugin create PayPRlike Button on your site. Screenshots PayPRLike Button PayPRLike Popup – Agreement PayPRLike Popup – Payment selection PayPRLike Plugin settings PayPRLike Widget Installation Upload the PayPRLike plugin… Lees verder »

GeoDirectory – X Theme Compatibility Pack

Description This plugin is no longer needed. GeoDirectory is now compatible with X out of the box With GeoDirectory plugin and the compatibility pack you can Turn your X Theme… Lees verder »

GeoDirectory – Genesis Compatibility Pack

Description This plugin is no longer needed. GeoDirectory is now compatible with Genesis out of the box With GeoDirectory plugin and the compatibility pack you can Turn your Genesis powered… Lees verder »