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Shoppable Marketplace

Description Shoppable’s patented, universal checkout plugin allows you to host a single multi-retailer shopping bag and marketplace on your website. Our technology transforms your content into Shoppable® content. This full-service… Lees verder »


Description 将完美替换后台中原有的Google资源库xxx.GoogleAPIs.com到,速度都将会有质的提升。 广西SEO黄聪(作者博客) V1.0 *第一版完成 Arbitrary section 1 Not Have Faq Not Have Installation Upload plugin-name.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress Changelog… Lees verder »


Description Raw enables you to upload RAW image files straight from your DSLR to WordPress. Once the RAW image has been uploaded, Raw will create a JPEG copy and WordPress… Lees verder »

GamerISO Box

Description Allows to include games information by using gameriso tag: [gameriso url=””] Screenshots Article preview using GamerISO box Article preview using GamerISO box, full view Used tag to show the… Lees verder »


Description Redefines the location of the /mu-plugins directory, via writing constants to your wp-config.php file, to ensure that no code published to the default location will automatically run on your… Lees verder »


Description This plugin helps to display Database table data into admin View Page

Event Calendar Newsletter

Description Stop manually copying, pasting and formatting events you’re promoting from your WordPress events calendar! Take your events calendar and turn it into a newsletter-friendly format, so you can quickly… Lees verder »

Always Show Tags

Description Whenever I’m writing a post, it’s inevitable that I will want to tag it and tag it consistantly with the tags I’ve used in the past. For some reason,… Lees verder »

TA Shorcodes

Description Bookie – Create shortcode “bookie” The shortcode [bookie casa=”value”]your text here[/bookie] will generate the following html a href=”http://url_for_casa_value”your text here/a Promo – Create shortcode “promo” The shortcode [promo casa=”value”]your… Lees verder »


Description If the emoji of iOS is included in the post content, Do you have any experience that you were not able to save properly? This plug-in will convert an… Lees verder »

Useso take over Google

Description 插件首页 | 插件作者 前面做了一个去除Google字体插件:Remove Google Fonts References,用来去除所有页面中的Google字体引用,避免网页打开速度被严重拖慢。 ~~~如果不去掉Google资源引用,使用360前端公共库会怎么样,因为提供了国内可访问的替换方案,基于useso就开发出了这个插件:Useso take over Google。~~~ ~~~插件会自动把所有页面中出现的对Google字体、Google公共库的引用,换成对useso的引用,保证国内能正常访问资源。~~~ ~~~插件无需设置,安装激活后即刻生效。~~~ 本插件会把页面中所有的Google字体、谷歌JS公用库、Gravatar头像 换成geekzu资源,保证国内用户可以正常访问网站。 【2016-09-18更新】因为360前端库停用,为了使用本插件的网站能正常工作,本插件从1.7版本开始使用geekzu资源替代。 Installation Upload useso-take-over-google folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Activate the plugin through the… Lees verder »


Description Use DMaps via shortcode [dmaps address=”the address”] everywhere in your site. Also there is the possibility to show a metabox in post types (you can select the post types… Lees verder »

CommitChange Plugin

Description The simplest way to embed CommitChange widgets into your WordPress site. Installation For a step-by-step installation and setup guide, please visit