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Genesis Gallery CPT

Description This plugin creates a gallery custom post type and also comes with the shortcode [fancy-gallery] to display galleries, alternatively you can use a LlamaPress page template if you are… Lees verder »

Genesis Content Blurbs

Description This plugin adds a new widget which outputs a customised content area to be used on any Genesis theme on the home page or in any widget area. Faq… Lees verder »

Structured Data of JSON-LD

Description Set Structured Data of “JSON-LD” to your WebSite. Schema type that you can use is “Article”,”Person”,”WebSite” and “searchAction”. If Front Page, you can use “WebSite” and “searchAction”. IF post.php… Lees verder »

Contributors: crmpro

Description The CRMPRO Importer plugin for WordPress enables you to import your WP users into the CRM. The Importer installs as a Tool and can be used to import existing… Lees verder »


Description Handles uploading, modifying images on Flickr, and insertion into posts. 上传和编辑 Flickr 账户中的图片,并且在博文中插? ?Flickr账户中的图片,利用Flickr做图床。 Inserting images into posts could never have been easier. Simply click on an image from… Lees verder »

Thaana WP

Description Enables support for Thaana keyboard on Post/Page editors. Change keyboard types at Thaana Wp Settings page under Plugins. Created using Jaa’s Integrating JTK with tinyMCE 4.x AND JTK Screenshots… Lees verder »

ProPhoto Footer Remover

Description Do you use the ProPhoto theme? Do you know that site-wide footer links passing Page rank goes against Google’s Best Practices? It’s not a good thing. You already paid… Lees verder »

Sepyra Analytics

Description This plugin adds the required javascript for sepyra analytics. For more information visit: ( Screenshots Sepyra Analytics settings page. Installation This section describes how to install the plugin and… Lees verder »


Description This plug in can display a management screen by a metro-like design. このプラグインは管理画面をメトロ風デザインで表示できます。 I add a metro dashboard under the dashboard. ダッシュボードの下にメトロダッシュボードを加えます You add an editing page of the… Lees verder »

Bio Widget

Description Bio Widget is a Example widget that displays a user’s bio Options The options page allow you to change Title,Name and Bio of widget. Version history Version 1.00 Initial… Lees verder »

PayMaster for WooCommerce

Description Для работы с плагином требуется активный аккаунт в системе PayMaster. PayMaster работают только с ИП или юридическими лицами. Минимальный статус аккаунта: “Тестовый режим, ожидает проверки” После активации плагина зайти… Lees verder »

Taobao Catalog

Description Taobao Catalog parser Arbitrary section 1 Screenshots Taobao Catalog Settings Taobao Catalog Sync Woocommerce Product Categories List Product Categories on site Faq A question that someone might have An… Lees verder »


Description This plugin will allow you to export all the table content into the excel file.


Description NN4 ? 報? ?信エンジンからの? 報取得、エンジン? の? 報の管理を行うためのプラグインです。 NN4 プラグインは、以下の? 報を管理できます。 不動産? 報 (nn4_estate) 投稿した不動産? 報は、カスタム投稿タイプ nn4_estate として投稿されます。 NN4 プラグインを利用するためには、事前に AP (アプリケーション・プロバイダー) 登録が? 要です。 AP 登録については NN4 ? 当? (… Lees verder »

My Research

Description Provides an additional custom type Research to manage any kind of Research. Faq TBD Installation Instructions Use plugin usual installation process. Installation Use plugin usual installation process. Changelog 1.0.0

PDF Version

Description Creates a link to a page that actually displays it as a PDF. To use [pdf-version url=”” name=”Google”] Swap the “” for your url and then “Google” for the… Lees verder »

Quick Links

Description A WordPress plugin to show a series of images as “quick links” with the shortcode [quick_links]. By adding a line in your functions.php file, you can set the size… Lees verder »

RHJ4 Diagnostics

Description RHJ4 Diagnostics captures diagnostic messages written in PHP and conditionally directs them to various different logging functions. The plugin can be enabled or disabled during page execution, and it… Lees verder »